The First Snow

This morning we woke to the first snow of the season. What a beautiful surprise! 

It’s been so long since I’ve seen snow as early as November and I am loving every minute of it! So is my outdoor lover Layla, who ran outside as soon as she threw on some clothes.

Lilly, not so much.

She was born in Florida and I’m convinced that she didn’t come with a tolerance for the cold. She doesn’t like going out in the snow and when I drag her out there with her sister and myself, she squeals and fusses because her hands are cold and her face feels funny. She is a warm weather tot through and through!

We made some improvements  today though and she now knows to put her hands in her pockets to keep warm! (Cause heaven forbid she wear the gloves I’m offering her!)

She also refused to wear proper boots 😒

We put our tree up over the weekend and I’m so glad we did. The snow, the tree, the smell of hot peppermint mocha coffee brewing and all cozied up with my little one in our warmest sweaters and leggings was the perfect way to begin a chilly day!

What’s your favorite way to spend a snowy day?

<3 Mia

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