About Mia


I’m Mia and I started Mia At The Moment to keep family and friends back home in Ohio and all around the country updated on what is happening at the moment in my life. And thus, the title of my online diary was born!

I love sharing what we’re up to, where we’re going and all the ups and downs of life as a USMC family. I realized that a blog is the perfect way to do all of that and will be a wonderful thing to look back on as the years go by.

I am not a writer, actually I always used to dread the task of writing anything creative. Since being in college though I’ve found that the tides have turned and I now really enjoy writing and love that I can use this blog as a creative outlet in that way.

Life as a mom and USMC wife is never dull….ever. So grab a seat and a cup of coffee and join me as I share all of my favorite things: family, style, travel and living this wonderful life to the fullest!

A few tidbits of info about yours truly:

-I am a born again Christian.

-I’m short, 5’1″.

-I’m inspired immensely by fashion from the past (my favorites are Tudor and Edwardian).

-I LOVE European history, specifically British history.

-I love traveling and moving all around the USA and the world!