About Mia

Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Mia and I started Mia At The Moment to keep family and friends back home in Ohio and all around the country current on what my family and I are up to as we move around the country for the military, and as a creative outlet during one particularly difficult residence. Since launching in spring of 2018, the blog has blossomed into a fashion and lifestyle destination for classic home and wardrobe styling, blending two of my great passions, personal style and photography. I’ve been blessed to work with multiple brands as an ambassador, and content creator, and am excited for what more lies ahead!

Here you’ll find inspiration for classic, feminine, and effortlessly elegant style for your wardrobe and home.

More about me:

-I am passionate about curating my wardrobe with high-quality items that are both timeless, and unique to my personal style.

-My philosophy on buying clothes; it costs less to save up and buy the better quality item, rather than buy into trends every year. 

-I’m inspired immensely by fashion from the past (my favorites are Renaissance and Edwardian).

-I’m an Anglophile through and through.

– Between staying in and going out, I’d rather do the former.

-We have lived in 6 states; Ohio, North Carolina, California, Florida, Maryland, and now Virginia.

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