About Mia

Hello, I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Mia and I started Mia At The Moment to keep family and friends back home in Ohio and all around the country current on what my family and I are up to as we move around and travel as much as possible! And thus, the title of my online life and style diary was born.

Here you’ll find bits of our adventures, my take on style, and a few favorite recipes. My hope is that you walk away from my blog feeling inspired!

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More about me:

-I’m a shopaholic who is borderline obsessed with finding the best quality items at the lowest cost – I especially love when I can pass those findings along to you to benefit your wardrobe as well!

-I’m inspired immensely by fashion from the past (my favorites are Tudor and Edwardian).

-My philosophy on buying clothes; it’s better to spend a little more for a high-quality, timeless piece that will hold up beautifully for many years. 

-I LOVE European history, especially British history.

-My favorite meal is Afternoon Tea.

-I am a born again Christian, and an example of God’s tremendous grace and blessings. 

-I have lived in 5 states; Ohio, North Carolina, California, Florida and now Maryland.