My Go-To Style Staple: The Horizontal Stripe

We all have that one pattern, print, or colorway that we lean to in times of sartorial distress. A little dramatic, but think about it; when you are in a hurry, in a funk, or in a complete conundrum as to what to wear, we all have that one pattern we grab time and time again. The one we know will make us feel our best, and most comfortable. The one we love to see when we catch our own reflection. For me, this is stripes; striped dresses, blouses, tees, tanks, but not quite so much pants.

Most days of the week, you’ll find me donning a chunky horizontal stripe in one of my preferred colorways, paired with a pair of stretchy, high-rise jeans and loafers. It’s one of those default outfits that require no thought whatsoever, that I also greatly enjoy wearing. A little more than a plain white tee, a fun, brightly-colored stripe is just what the doctor ordered to add a bit of zing and pop to a casual daily look.

My latest striped addition is this darling bracelet-length sleeve tee from a Parisian label you’ve read about before in this post. It’s hard enough to find garments made with skin and hormone safe materials in today’s fast-fashion dominated market, but this brand delivers. Crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton, not cut with cheap, toxic synthetics, and not lacking one ounce of that French-girl style we have all admired through the centuries.

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This sweet striped tee comes in six colorways, but when I saw the light blue released just last month, I knew I had to have it! I wanted that extra, unique, detail that the minimal ruffle at collar and placket provides, and the buttons can be worn completely closed, or with a few undone to frame your favorite necklace. Worth mentioning, too, are the lovely round-neck styles with button closure at the shoulder. The lilac stripe I am particularly fond of, and the pink as well are two I would add to my wardrobe.

Size Notes

I took my usual size small (roughly a US 2) in this top, and it fits as I expected, being already well accustomed to the brand. With a length of 23.6 inches, it is not “cropped” by definition or appearance. However, as it does have a slightly more rigid fabric – thicker and less stretch – it does rise as I lift my arms. I mention this specifically for my tall, or long torso girls, as this is something to consider when choosing a size or cut. The rigid fabric is not as buttery soft as something from another brand I love for their striped tees, but it does make for excellent longevity; it holds up very well with frequent washing and wearing.

I will say this, growing up in the late 1990s and aughts, I always heard that women should never wear horizontal stripes, as they make you look wider than you are. Hardly a shocking bit of “advice” to those of us who remember the absurd standards of beauty we were subjected to during that decade. My propensity to choose horizontal stripes over any other pattern or print should tell you all you need to know about my level of respect for those beauty and fashion “experts,” and I hope to deprogram anyone else who grew up hearing this pattern wrongfully dragged through the mud. If you’re new to stripes, start with one of these – if nothing else, just remember the French girls are wearing it, so it must be ok!

xo, Mia

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