How I’m Styling My Sue Sartor Flounce Dress for Fall Transition

And spring, and summer, because this dress is just that versatile!

It’s been almost two years of proud Sue Sartor “Flounce” ownership for me. I stumbled upon this brand via a boutique that I browse but typically can’t afford to shop, but all of that went out the window when I saw this beautiful pink block printed frock, as inhibitions do when one stumbles upon that perfect piece.

This dress is pure magic, one of those where you put it on and something just happens. I feel like a lady, nay, a duchess in it and it’s figure flattering design. Beginning with the careful placement of interior lining, so that the appropriate areas are opaque, the bust and waist through knee; and the right areas breathe and flow like they should, the shoulders through wrist, and knee and below. It really is a genius design. Not to mention the designer’s gifted eye for combining prints and colors to create literal, wearable works of art. I get such pleasure just from browsing her site, but all that comes to and end when I have to narrow down my choice to just one new frock.

I also wrote about this dress in this post, but feeling it deserves more than one spot on MatM, had to write a dedicated ode to one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

It’s these easy, wearable, comfortable yet achingly lovely items that I’m forever drawn to. Unique design elements, thoughtful craftsmanship, and construction that stands up to frequent wear are top concerns to me whenever I consider adding another piece to my wardrobe, and this dress has all that and more … two deep pockets kind of “more,” to be exact!

My go-to styling of this dress changes per season; last summer it was all about the espadrille wedge and Sarah Flint “Perfect Block Sandal” in gold when I needed to dress up. This summer I’m gravitating to the SF bow sandal and alternating between my gold and white colorways depending on the bag I’m carrying. In cooler weather, it’s boots (I like a tan knee-high), and ballerina flats.

If you’ve seen this dress floating around – which you undoubtedly have, as since I bought mine almost two years ago she has seen a boom in popularity, and for good reason – and thought about trying it, why not get it on sale this weekend! The designer describes it as, “…your travel ready four seasons workhorse dress.” Perfect for day-to-night, and suitable for nearly any occasion – which I can say is true as I’ve worn this for church, a brand ambassador’s brunch, and date night with my family with complete ease of transition. If you’d like a pair of these darling bow sandals, be sure to use code SARAHFLINT-BAMIAM for $50 off your purchase!

xo, Mia

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