Mia’s Three-Bean Chili Recipe

October is finally here and that means that glorious, crisp fall weather we all love can catch up with the calendar…any minute now…still waiting. 

We did have a few teaser days where it was cold – hovering right around 70 degrees – rainy and cloudy and I loved it! I was ready too! I had all the fixings for one of my all-time favorite cold-weather dinners just ready for such a day as this. 

Mia's Chili.jpg

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Rainbow Fruit Pizza

It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means summer is officially here! I think it’s safe to say that everybody enjoys summer festivals, backyard barbecues, community events and the ease of getting together that the warm and sunny weather brings. What’s my favorite thing about all of these summertime activities? FOOD. I love trying new foods just as much as I enjoy the classics. Which brings me to the topic of this post, rainbow fruit pizza! Juicy rainbow fruits top a sweet strawberry cream cheese spread, all delicately placed on a sugar cookie bed!


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