A Lovely Floral Linen Skirt

I have been in a bit of a sartorial slump this year, as I have tried one item after the next only to find a fatal error with all but a few things. I am the queen of returns, who’s standards soar as quality and craftsmanship take a nosedive. Isn’t that true about everything these days? Brands demand hundreds of dollars for sheer cottons, synthetic blends, and plain garments void of personality and unique detailing. Did you know that up until the 1920s, “off-the-rack” did not exist? Everything was custom tailored. I know that still exists in some places around the world, but I really would love a turn in that direction here.

Part of what has made shopping so difficult for me is my strict criteria; the use of only natural materials being one of those criterium that I do not bend on. The gold standard for fabrics is of course linen, which is why I have been working slowly and carefully over the last couple of years to convert a large percentage of my wardrobe to wonderful linen. I strongly encourage you to research why linen is so special, the healing properties it possesses, and the health benefits of having it against your skin. Similarly, seek to understand why synthetics are so harmful; this is a good place to start.

Let’s talk about this skirt – what a beauty! As you can imagine, after months of disappointing finds, to have this in my hands was a breakthrough moment. I look for pieces that are lovely, full of character, and can be dressed up or dressed down to suit a variety of occasions, and this fits the bill. It’s 100% linen and feel silky soft with that characteristic elegant drape that I love linen material for. I was slightly worried at purchase seeing it described as a “wrap skirt” which are typically not the most modest, but this has plenty of overlap. Unlike a true wrap skirt, the skirt is fixed to the waistband, which is elasticized at the back to allow for easy on and off. The sash is merely decoration. These are all good things in my book, and make this piece look and feel much more elevated than an actual wrap skirt could ever. Though it doesn’t come with pockets, the print, the material and the fit are so good this is a missing feature I can happily overlook. I took my usual bottoms size, size 4, and the fit is perfect; I would say this runs true to size but always double check the website’s size guide.

This skirt is quintessentially summery, perfect for any locale, any occasion, and truly a joy to wear. Petite ladies, I am 5’1″ and must wear a heel if I want to keep the hem off the ground. Do I want to alter it? I don’t think so, though I envision myself wearing this with a cute brown wrap sandal for casual occasions. We shall see. I’ve styled it here for a casual dinner out; a ribbed high-neck tank for a nod to 1950s styles, contrasted with contemporary pearl studded hoops, a beachy white wicker bag (vintage from my mom!), and my summer staple gold block heel sandals. I love the look of green and gold, but I also see myself wearing this skirt with a navy linen top, and saddle brown sandals. Ah, the joy of styling a new garment! I’ve missed this feeling.

xo, Mia

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  1. Linen is so light & airy, like a summer breeze. Beautiful shade of green too!

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