The Parterre Surrey Dress + Size Guide and Review

Shopping for sartorial necessities has become increasingly difficult over the years but this has increased exponentially within the last five or so years. As someone who prioritizes material quality, craftsmanship, and longevity in design, it seems that the list of brands I can shop from dwindles with every new season. Some of my long-time favorite go-to brands who throughout the 2010s utilized merino wool, cotton, and linen uncut with cheap synthetics, has now lessened the quality of each subsequent collection by mixing in more “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” synthetics thus ruining would could have been a great garment. If you don’t already know, those two buzz words above are nothing more than code for “recycled garbage.” If you are like me, and don’t want to wear garments made with harsh forever chemicals and materials that are made to be replaced every season, keep reading because I have an answer to our prayers with this new brand.

This less than two-years-old brand has instantly scored major points in my book. I mean, look at this fabulous frock! Parterre is the culmination of two very fashionable ladies coming together to create something utterly timeless and elegant. Their repertoire includes day gowns, homewares, and a children’s selection that never fails to disappoint. It’s hard to pick what I love most about this brand because they just hit the nail right on the head in so many ways from their details such as fabric covered buttons, to their house-designed prints, but I will take just a moment to highlight their expert choice in materials. The lovely blue dress I’m wearing is 100% linen and priced comparatively with the cheap blends I was talking about earlier. Other dresses in their line-up utilize organic cottons, and hand-dyed cottons made in India, NYC, and Holland.

The silhouettes of each dress are familiar classics with a dash of the designer’s own personal touch for a bit of unique personality you will only find at Parterre. Which leads me to another favorite feature of this brand; the prints and colorways you truly will not find anywhere else. The blue of my dress has a bit of a dusty tinge to it, which makes it perfect for spring-summer-fall wear, and is not a color I have seen anywhere else. The same goes for the prints and patterns, which are dreamed up by the masterminds behind this brand.

What sold me on this particular dress was the full skirt. In fact, one of the reviews on the Parterre website mentioned how the skirt was “too full” and honestly, that was the selling point for me – that and the fact that it’s 100% linen! I adore a full skirt for both style and wearability. Think Dior’s New Look circa 1950s with the fitted bodice and full A-line circle skirt. This dress has a bit of wiggle room in the waistband so it’s not completely fitted, which just adds to the comfort of this workhorse dress.

In this heirloom quality linen number I feel downright regal.

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As of this posting, you can shop my exact dress on the Parterre website in two colorways. I’m wearing a size 0 which is true to fitting a US 2-4. Being 100% linen, it does not stretch so reference the size guide before purchasing. I would best describe these dresses as day dresses but I love this style with some sparkly heels for a fancy evening, and this one for a wedding guest option.

Check back on 9/20 for the release of their fall collection – expect more of the same unique colorways and custom prints that are the perfect autumnal additions to your wardrobe!

xo, Mia

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