A Blend Of Old & New for Spring

The changing seasons always bring about a fresh wave of creativity for me. New possibilities with seasonal colors, nature’s changing appearance, and an overall burst of new ideas inspired by travels and the outdoors. During these times I always enjoy experimenting with new ways to style my old pieces. In contrast, when I add a new item to my wardrobe it acts as a new lens, providing a fresh perspective of things I’ve worn and loved over the years.

My ensemble from this past Mother’s Day was one example of combining old and new pieces to create an ultra-feminine look with all of my favorite details. A floral print dress that’s four years old paired with a two month’s new pair of shoes; my all-time favorite straw handbag from a few years ago, and my new favorite headband from the past holiday season. Adding something as simple as a headband and handbag can change the entire look of an older garment! Similarly, adding or subtracting accessories is another way to freshen up a beloved item, like I did with this dress that I wore with a belt and refined patent pumps 2 years ago.

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Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how well these shoes handled walking through Old Town Alexandria on cobbled streets and paved sidewalks? At no point were these shoes uncomfortable or unstable, nor did I feel relieved when taking them off after walking around for about an hour – they’re that good. Also, note; I do not wear uncomfortable shoes. Period. I do not wear or throw away money on impractical shoes, either. I am passionate about quality and investing to get exactly what I want, and at a level of craftsmanship that will stand up to the kind of greatly varied terrain I encountered whilst walking around this historic town! These shoes still look as new as the day I bought them, and that is why I will pass on owning one hundred pairs of cheap shoes, and am abundantly content with my minimalist collection of gems like these.

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xo, Mia


  1. I adore that dress

    1. Oh, thank you!

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