Best Dressed: Designer Dupes for 2021

By far, my most read and shopped post from 2020 was my Designer Dupes roundup. Since many of those dresses, both designer and dupe, are now sold out I wanted to make an updated version of this reader favorite post! What’s a “dupe?” A dupe is an item that is made in a similar style to a designer item. Dupes are always a fraction of the price of their designer muses, but sometimes at the cost of lesser quality, inferior fabric and craftsmanship, and of course it does not come with the coveted designer label. For most people, these things take a back seat to cost – maybe you like to update your wardrobe every season, maybe you’re on a budget, or maybe you’re just not sure if the designer splurge is worth it for an item that may become oversaturated (too trendy) and you’ll quickly lose interest in it. I know that I personally will see an item I love, but then begin to find it annoying once it’s been all over every account on social media for months on end! I will continue updating this post over the next few months as I find more designer dupes – things should get interesting as spring collections begin to come out! I recommend you bookmark this post so that you can refer back to it periodically, and follow me on Instagram for updates via stories. Happy shopping!

This post contains affiliate links. The full disclosure can be found here.

Dupe – $69
Designer – $438
Dupe – $111
Dupe – $62
Designer – $375
Dupe – $60
Designer – $425
Dupe – $170
Designer – $445
Dupe – $70
Designer – $485

This fun frilled dress was a huge hit for the last couple of years, and I don’t predict it’s popularity will diminish any time soon! With romantic silhouettes and long hemlines coming into full popularity, this is definitely one to own.

Dupe – $49
Designer – $425

I just love the billowy sleeves and midi length of this gorgeous dress! Find the same silhouette, but in a more time less, universal colorway for so much less than the designer version!

Dupe – $80
Designer – $320

Every lady needs a nap dress – even those of us who find naps absolute torture! Perfect for days at home, or out running errands when you want to be comfy but still not feel completely dressed down. Just like the designer, the dupe comes in multiple colorways.

Dupe – $49
Designer – $790

Ok, this is a good one! I am beyond smitten with the designer version for it’s true historic cut and to-die-for print, so I was thrilled to find a very similar dupe! This dupe has a shorter midi length, so it’s a bit more practical for everyday wear.

Dupe – $56
Designer – $670

Another of my favorite designers that never ceases to amaze me with their extravagantly detailed, feminine gowns and dresses came out with this sweet lemon yellow gown and I immediately went on the hunt for a dupe! Sadly, I’m just not sure when I could find the opportunity to wear such an amazing dress, but the dupe – at it’s price point – is a weekly wear for me!

Dupe – Top $32, Bottom $32
Designer – Top $150, Bottom $150

Sorry for the drastic shift from dresses to swimwear, but this one was too good to pass up! I actually purchased this designer set last year and was so disappointed with the quality of it! The material was so thin it showed everything, and the fit is perhaps the least body inclusive I’ve ever found. However, I still think it’s the cutest looking thing as far as swimwear goes, so I am willing to give the dupe – at a price that makes sense – a try! Plus, how gorgeous is this yellow?!

I hope you’ve found some of these dupes too good to pass up! Remember to keep checking back for new designer and dupe comparisons!

xo, Mia

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