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House Hunting Is Disappointing But This Fall Floral Dress Is Not


When we bought our current house at the end of 2020, our wish list had been chopped down to two things; some land and not completely derelict. I know, I know, what lofty expectations but during a time when houses were being bought above asking price before even hitting the market that was really all we could hope for. I always say we bought out of desperation because we truly did, but only because we believed orders to the next duty station were just a few months away. (Yes, we bought a house that we thought we would be living in for at most 6 months, that’s how desperate we were to get out of Maryland and out of a townhouse.) Well here we are three years later at our permanent “duty station,” as you can read about in this post, and we are about two and a half years overdue to sell this house and get into something that at least meets our needs. Easier said than done however, as the shortage of available properties, interest rates that make houses cost more than their worth over the long run, and a wish list that is now much better informed and consists of many more than the two things listed above, are all the ingredients for an impossible stew. Oddly enough, the few houses that are coming onto the market look like my current house in one way or another, and as I’m not a billionaire, I can kiss my dream of having a historic home in this area goodbye. House hunting is disappointing to say the very least, but that will change, it has to, I just hope it does sooner rather than later!

What’s not disappointing is this gorgeous fall floral dress. A birthday gift last year, made by a collaboration between two of my favorites, this piece is as showstopping to look at as it is a dream to wear. Every time I put on a Sue Sartor dress the overwhelming urge to buy more hits, and it’s all I can think about while enrobed in what is truly the best-made garment you will find right now. Suited perfectly for both casual day-to-day wear, and event dressing, the Flounce dress earns the title “wardrobe staple” for it’s versatility and universally flattering style.

Thoughtful design elements like deep pockets, and figure flattering cuts make the Sue Sartor Flounce dress truly one of a kind. Perhaps what I find most considerate to ladies who do more than lunch in their dresses is the three-quarter length sleeves with elastic. As someone whose hands are usually kneading dough, washing dishes, or busy baking, I appreciate the ability to pull up my sleeves and have them actually stay up more than I can express!

The long and slightly full skirt just begs to be twirled! Being a diminutive five foot one-and-a-half I find the maxi length of this style to be just perfect, where most maxis are out of the question for me, or require many inches hemmed up to make them wearable. No alterations needed here, which means I lose none of the gorgeous hand block printed border design that makes this dress so unique. I’m wearing a size small, and chose this size based on my shoulder measurement, as that and the chest are the tightest fitting places; I advise measuring your best fitting dress or shirt and base your choice off of that.

This collaborative style comes in the dark colorway I’m wearing, which is the perfect fall floral in my opinion, and a lighter colorway which is no less stunning. You can also choose a shorter mini version of both of these, but I do love feeling like a princess when I wear dresses so maxi it is for me. The best part, the whole collaboration is on sale right now!

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