Key Pieces to Keep Cozy This Fall and Winter

This first week of November we saw the last breaths of summer breathed out in the most gloriously warm sunny day, then quickly succeeded by a cold snap of frosty northern wind. Reluctantly accepting that fall has indeed arrived, I made the best of the seasonal shift by cozying up in some of my favorite new and old key pieces for fall and winter.

It’s my firm belief that every wardrobe should have one of these chic English-country style jackets. This one has been raved about for years on my blog, and my feelings have remained constant.

Its form and functionality have made it my go-to for chilly (but not freezing) days, as it layers beautifully and still holds its incredibly flattering shape. The tartan contrasts at the cuffs and under the collar make for easy styling – I love layering colors pulled from these! The massive snap-flap pockets hold just about everything from gloves and scarves, to my little one’s stuffed animals when she tires of carrying them, all while still keeping my hands warm in the cozy in the fleece lined handwarmer pockets.

One thoughtful detail that is hard to find is the snap gusset at the collar. This is perfect for windy days; I pull up the collar, snap in the gusset and stay warm with the cozy corduroy collar shielding from the wind. I say hard to find as most jackets with a standing collar do not also lay flat – you get one or the other and personally I much prefer the classic pointed collar, so this is a real gem of a find!

As it was not just chilly but also windy on this particular day, I opted for a second-hand cashmere striped sweater from a previous season at Vineyard Vines. Lucky for me, most people find natural fibers itchy and don’t realize that you can adjust to them after a bit of wearing, so they are willing to let them go barely used for cheap. I paid $40 for this one on a resale site and it’s in like new condition! I highly recommend natural fibers, as they are not only warm but much healthier than their synthetic mimics.

My latest acquisition is this pair of boots. You’ll never believe the brand of these adorable boots so I will just link them and you can see for yourself that this punk-rock style staple actually translates extremely well to a preppy/classic outfit! I purchased them on sale (because I’ve become very snobby and now refuse to pay full price for anything) and just love the look and feel of them. The ankle needs a bit of breaking in still, and they definitely require at least a crew sock, if not higher during the break-in period. Made of leather and rubber, these materials will hold up to work around the homestead in a variety of temperatures, while doing double duty as a cute compliment to my fall and winter outfits.

No outfit is complete without pearls, and though quite dainty and understated, these natural pearls are truly the perfect finishing touch to everyday outfits! While I’m not paying full price for things these days, I don’t think you should either – be sure to use this link to purchase and you’ll receive a generous 20% discount.

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xo, Mia

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