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Hello again readers, and happy spring! Since our last chat we have been busy working away at our four (and counting) jobs, the garden, and getting ready for our big change later this year. I want to fill you in on that, and share the latest creative moment I had; of which there have been few with even less leisure time for it.

Life lately looks like this: homeschool, dance, prepare enough food to make meals that last a few days but never do, dance, work, work, work, garden, clean, repair broken appliances, sleep. There’s little space for anything else, and usually when a free minute does come up, I swoop up a shift at work to earn a few extra dollars.

If you remember from this post, we are in the process of exiting the military – PRAISE God for that – but a lot of work has to be done in a short amount of time, notwithstanding, banking enough money to live on for a few months just in case a new job somehow isn’t waiting for him at the end of his thirteen-year enlistment. No pressure at all!

Though I’ll let you in on a little secret about me, this kind of thing keeps me on my toes, young and lively, and motivated to make the most out of every hour of every day. Not one second goes to waste; not one opportunity for productivity missed. Though my personality is such, I know this season of intensity will pass as all seasons do. For now, however, I’m enjoying it, while being careful to find moments of quiet to soak in the lessons the Lord is teaching me/us during this busy and challenging season that will prepare us for what is to come.

Our Easter Table

I am easily diverted from doing much to mark special occasions and holidays, except for birthdays. Though I love interior decorating, I’m not much into seasonal and holiday decorating throughout the year. I do however, love the thought of my girls one day, far off in the future, telling their friends and family about how their mother would set an elaborate table every so often that would make them feel like royalty when they dined there! Such rosy-hued daydreams inspire me to brush off my nonchalance toward holidays, and do my best to make the most of these special occasions.

Over the long Easter/Resurrection Day weekend, hubby worked, and since we had been on spring break for school that week, I found myself with a rare bit of free time to flex my creative muscles once again. Inspired by these linens which I’d purchased for Valentine’s but never got to use, I set out to adorn my table to mark the special occasion of Resurrection Day; a little bit for my enjoyment, but mostly because I know the girls love when I set a fancy table. This table really boasts some of my favorite details; curvilinear forms, chateau floral motifs, unique dinnerware, and a graceful presentation.

I have long been an admirer, and customer of the brand that designed this tablecloth. They are some of the best in the business at creating floral prints that exude romance, and this tablecloth is no exception. In contrast to the whimsical floral is the punchy piped linen napkin, which I’ve used as placemats here for a layer between the elegant plates and vintage-inspired tablecloth. Napkins are a good place to start if you are beginning collect tabletop settings, as they can be quite versatile, and can really make a statement. Next to elegant plates, this would be my recommendation for an inexpensive way to start building your collection.

Shop My Table

Ah yes, the plates, which I am excited to admit I scored at an unbelievable discount last summer, and do think you will find a similar discount if you watch them as constantly as I did! While I am often laughed at for how impractical they look with their lacey rim, I can assure you that the depth of the plate beneath the rim – almost shallow bowl-like – is plenty secure. These are some of my most precious possessions as they are so unique! Truly, I could set a table with just these plates and it would still “wow” onlookers.

The crystal, and pink glass drinkware are a combination of in-store and online finds over the years, and luckily these fun pink goblets can still be found if you know where to look. I used a third pattern for the napkins, as I really love layering patterns and think the pink check added a more casual element to this otherwise quite regal table. In case you’re wondering, I did not forget knives, I just hadn’t washed them yet, ha! Mind you, I was cooking dinner and dessert and solo parenting, while also trying to snap these quick shots. And if I’m going to be perfectly transparent with you, the flatware is my least favorite part of the tablescape. I just could not care less. Plus, in many cases for the price of flatware service for one you can get dinnerware for four, or a whole cache of glasses; it’s crazy, and I don’t understand it. Until I’m ready to bite the bullet and start adding in cute forks and such, I am very content with my everyday, butterfly-clad stainless steel.

Not only is this table a testament to my love of all things feminine and beautiful, but also to the value of building up a collection for the long-term, and taking the time to do something special for your family, even if it may not be terribly important to you in that moment. Though I could easily let a holiday pass by without much notice these days, I always come away with precious memories when I do take the time to set the table, put on the dress, make the three-course meal, and go all out to make the day special for my family!

xo, Mia


  1. Your table looks so So elegant for Easter the pink hue is so elegant it imperfect I love the pink

  2. Hello Mia,
    You and the table look holiday ready. I hope that you and yours have a very nice Easter.
    Grand dad K.

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