It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas! A New Month, and New Excitement Begins.

Happy new month, dear readers! I don’t know about you but the entire month of November seemed to pass by as quickly a a single weekend for us here. Between the hustle of working in retail during the busiest time of year, and the bustle of celebrating two birthdays and two holidays in a single month (I’m totally counting Black Friday as a holiday, lol!), there was little time for slowing down, and I honestly love that. There’s a time and a place for relaxation and stillness and this time of the year just isn’t it! Do you like the rush of the holiday season, too? Perhaps, that’s what makes it such an enjoyable time of the year; travels, parties, the best food you’ll eat all year crammed into a few short weeks, and best of all, setting all things aside to be attentive and close to dear friends and family.

It’s during this season that I thoroughly enjoy combining my two favorite things; family time and writing for this blog, and sincerely thank you for joining in on the excitement by reading and shopping my posts! Your support allows me to continue doing something I love, and helps my family more than you know!

Last month, I shared these photos for a shoot I did for Sarah Flint, and teased my 2022 Christmas tree a little bit. I still have not debuted the thing in all it’s bow-bedecked glory, as I was planning to replace our old angel tree topper with a star this year, but alas, I am too indecisive about the star and just the other day decided to stick with the angel to keep things simple! I plan to share the tree hopefully next week, as this week has already gotten away from me with my birthday being Wednesday, and all of the exciting seasonal posting happening over in my Shop page!

Aside from the shoes and the tree, this skirt was a popular piece with my Instagram followers, for obvious reasons! Inspired by an 18th century wallpaper, it truly is such a showstopper, and such a fun item to wear. It’s currently on sale as it’s now past season…the best time to buy, in my opinion! I will go ahead and link the whole outfit here, but remember that you can always find my outfits (and so much more!) linked in my shop page.

Be sure to subscribe to emails, and look out for the newsletter that will have all of the links to my tree decorations – you won’t want to miss this one! Until then, Merry Christmas!

xo, Mia

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  1. Happy holidays honey I hope you have the best Christmas New Year’s and the new year coming up in January

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