2 Ways to Style the Sarah Flint Perfect Zip Bootie for Fall

Well despite my best efforts to slow it’s arrival, fall has indeed arrived after a few last bursts of warm temperature days. I’m much less excited for the changing of seasons this year, but also feel as though the sooner it arrives, the sooner we will get through it and back to summer again. If only it did work that way! To console myself I’ve turned to an old favorite past-time; not baking, not organizing, not shopping, not online browsing homes I can’t afford, but playing dress-up in my own closet. I love versatility in garments, as you’ve heard me say countless times before, and discovering new ways to wear them; new combinations, new ways to accessorize, it’s a creativity boosting adventure in my own wardrobe.

I recently received another pair of Sarah Flint shoes – a glorious and rich vachetta bootie, fitted with gold hardware, and a 70mm stacked heel that is just perfect for the classic look I lean to during fall. Something interesting I learned about this material, vachetta leather will change slightly over time developing it’s own patina, if you will. Think of your beloved Louis Vuitton bag and how the handles darken over time. The effect gives an item the character, and well-loved look that is intrinsic to both preppy and equestrian autumnal styling – my favorite this time of year.

To illustrate the versatile nature of the Sarah Flint Perfect Zip bootie, I’ve captured two of the outfits I’ve styled these with. The first being a casual denim ensemble with a cozy cashmere sweater layered beneath my classic plaid wool blazer. I’m really loving the stripes/plaid look this fall, as I become ever the more adventurous with my pattern mixing! The booties are tall enough to tuck a pant leg, which I will do with skinny jeans or ponte leggings.

This sweater is just so good. It’s cotton with 5% cashmere content so it’s a suitable weight for all-year wear; not too warm, but does have a slightly oversized, cozy fit that makes you feel perfectly bundled up. Again with this blazer, I’m sorry to dangle it in front of you when it is such an old piece. I get so many messages about this one and refer everyone to this runner-up. Gorgeous pattern, priced right, and the curved front and hip-length is very similar to mine. I have this same blazer in solid colors and am very impressed with how well it’s held up. Just wash it as minimally as possible (I have washed each of mine once in 5 years of having them).

To dress up the perfect zip bootie, I’ve chosen my favorite fall dress with an earthy floral block printed motif. I love the way the dusty blues, reds, pinks, and ivory match with the vachetta leather and soften the look of this masculine material. With the stacked block heel, the boots are more casual so I would limit them to business casual at the most formal. This dress makes the perfect pairing for church, showers, daytime events, and any other occasion with an undisclosed dress code. The shoes are designed with wearability in mind, and have a clever nonslip rubber sole on the toe and heel portions – necessary during the rainy and wet fall and winter seasons. The glistening gold zipper details on the inside and outside are just enough of an added detail to make these unique and stunning, without limiting them to occupying a specific period of trendiness… in a word, they’re timeless. If you’ve decided you’d like a pair of these Perfect Zip Booties, I offer my discount code to you which will give you a $50 discount on your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes! Just copy SARAHFLINT-CCAMELIA1 into the promo box at checkout, or click here for the discount to be automatically applied.

xo, Mia


  1. I wonder if you could dream about being a fashion designer as you are very intellectual clothes so I wonder if you can be a fashion designer professionally

  2. Love those boots they are so cute

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