A Dior-Inspired Fall Ensemble

I’ve been very reluctant to embrace fall this year. Never really a fan of the season’s moody, earthy colors, or sharply contrasting daily temperatures this year proves to be no more enjoyable than those past. The return of the hustle and bustle that conceded to the leisure of long summer days compounded with the race to get things in place before the holiday season and impending winter arrives, makes for a rush that I simply would rather just not do. As usual, I’m finding enjoyment in the little things – as that’s really all we have time for – such as wonderful days homeschooling my girls, the delight of now having a budding baker in the house (who has already treated us to her homemade pumpkin pie!), and a new season of playing around in my wardrobe for new combinations of cherished items.

Not one to buy into trends, I am always finding ways to replicate my favorite vintage silhouettes with what’s in my wardrobe. It’s a vexing task to put to mind narrowing down just one favorite era for fashion, but somewhere competing for that top spot is Edwardian. High collars, intricate embroidery and passementerie, defined waistlines, and sweeping skirts will forever hold my attention and affection! To translate this grandiose dressing into a modern ensemble I looked to another source of inspiration, Dior’s “New Look” that helped shape – literally – women’s wear, and gave us the quintessential 1950s style we all admire.

Here I’ve blended the two for a Dior-inspired fall ensemble that is easily re-creatable with just three key items…well perhaps four. For fall, a plaid blazer is a must. Even better if it’s wool and can double as your warm layer over lightweight items. Mine, if you can believe it, I’ve had for over ten years now. Trust me when I say a plaid blazer is worth your investment! This ruffle collar blouse is one of my favorite wardrobe items, and I discussed it in detail in this post, and I’ve styled it another way here. Like I mentioned before, it’s the nods to the Edwardian era that I just cannot resist! As for the garment that makes this look ring of a Dior silhouette, the cream twill a-line midi skirt. Twill has such beautiful movement to it, and an a-line has a more demure look than a full sweeping skirt, or a shorter length. For a material with equally majestic movement, I highly recommend linen!

Important elements to include: a narrowly defined waist that opens to a wide a-line skirt, and a neatly tailored jacket with a high ruffle collar and lace details peeking out at the neckline. If you’re astute, you counted the neat jacket, high collar blouse, and a-line skirt for those three important items. The fourth follows.

What would a decorous ensemble be without the perfect pumps? Makers of outfits both casual and elegant, these “perfect” pumps live up to their appellation. You’ve read my previous endorsements of these in multiple other posts, like this one, and I stand by my claims. A really magical thing happens when you slip these beauties on; the leather gradually warms against to the heat of your foot and the upper will conform to your foot as you walk in them. They truly get better with wear, as you can expect from Italian artisan made shoes. These sand calf 85mm pumps have been my go-to for every dressy occasion, and church for the last year that I’ve owned them. I do recommend you visit the Sarah Flint website and browse all of the gorgeous, yet practical perfect pump options they have! If you decide to make the investment in your feet and wardrobe, I invite you to use my discount code, SARAHFLINT-CCAMELIA1 for 15% off your first pair. Always leave a comment letting me know what you chose!

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I’m delighted to finally be able to show you one of these outfits in action! I created this clip for social media, and figured out how to upload it here, so you can see the movement of the skirt, details of the shoes you may miss in stills, and a more real-life depiction of everything. Let me know if video is something you’d like to see in more of my posts, please!

xo, Mia


  1. I am so glad I see you were having your website up so I can read your blogs because I think you’re very smart woman to do your style on clothes and all this and I hope you have a good Marine ball this year and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of dress you going to wear

  2. You look great in the Dior outfit !!!!! Keep up the good work.

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