Two Classic Fall Outfits To Try This Season

Wardrobe staples are something you have heard me harp on about for years now if you’ve been a long-time, loyal MatM subscriber. If you’ve taken any of my recommendations for building a solid, classic fall wardrobe then these two outfits may already be in your closet, ready to throw on and get on with your day. If not, you’re in luck because most of these items are currently on sale, and will definitely go on sale if they aren’t right now (because that’s how retail works, ya know). I’ve digressed, but nevertheless these two classic fall outfits were a big hit on social media when I shared them earlier this week, so I thought I’d stick them here too, to live indefinitely as reference for effortlessly chic fall seasonal dressing.

Two Classic Fall Outfits

Fall is a really busy season for us as it is for many of you, I’m sure. We not only have school starting, but THREE birthdays, a ball, we both usually are working more than we were during summer and oh, all the holidays! Time to sit around and dream up ways to reinvent the sartorial wheel just doesn’t exist this time of the year for me, so I fall back on the classics. Fortune smiles upon me for the classics never go out of style, and what’s better, they always look chic! Case and point, the cable knit sweater and plaid wool skirt combo.

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Would you believe that in the excess of five years that I’ve had each of these two pieces, I’ve never thought to pair them? This is true, as every fall I mourn the lack of blue and brown combinations in my closet, and yet here they were all along. I normally wear black or brown with this skirt but thought it time to do something different, and love how the navy sweater pulls the lighter blue lines out of the skirt – a detail that usually goes unnoticed. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’d love to try a rich autumnal green, burgundy, or even a metallic gold with this skirt!

Any neutral or blue handbag would look lovely with this classic ensemble but I really love this cream bag that I got for my birthday last year, so I’m looking for any chance to wear it at the moment. With this I chose cap toe pumps because to me those are autumn’s shoe, and a gold jacquard headband because ’tis the season for rich textures. As the weather stays consistently cool, I will wear nude or navy tights and riding boots with this same look. Maybe even throw on a long camel coat, who knows.

This next look was very well received, much to my surprise because again, it’s simple and classic and anyone can make this outfit their own with what’s already in their closet. Stone colored cotton trousers are a nice alternative to white for fall (when everything is either very dusty or very muddy here), while various tones of brown and black create a cohesive neutral palette that’s not completely monochrome.

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The blazer, though it is over a decade old, is timeless and each year there are more on the market just like it. If you’re on the fence about a plaid fall blazer, here is your urging to go for it. Cost per wear of mine is in the fractions of cents at this point – a worthwhile investment. A tee made of high quality pima cotton may be basic, but fabric quality makes all the difference in longevity. I only buy pima cotton anymore because it doesn’t pill, doesn’t fade (unless washed in chlorine/municipal water), and is the softest most luxurious material on the planet.

My classic Sarah Flint Natalie flats got a rest during the summer season, but are back in action now that it’s cool enough for leather, closed-toed footwear. These duchess-approved darlings come in many colors and fabrications but for fall, you can’t go wrong with timeless saddle brown leather! While the leather Natalie flats will warm up and conform to your foot as you wear them, the fabric are a bit more rigid; for both, I advise ordering a full size up from your usual size if your foot is medium width. Narrow width can take your usual size, and for wide width I recommend the Natalie sling back style, as does Sarah Flint herself! Please treat yourself to a $50 discount on your first purchase when you use code SARAHFLINT-BAMIAM.

I love to hear from readers when they try out the looks I share on here, or if they’ve bought an item from my recommendation that they absolutely love now. My comments section is always open, and I love conversing with each one of you! That said, which of these two classic fall outfits would you wear this season?

xo, Mia

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