Finally, Some Finality

Hello readers, todays post is a life update on an ongoing issue that long-time subscribers are already in the loop on. This post from 2019 will get you up to speed, but today I can finally share some news we got that means we, for the first time in five or more years, have some clarity on what the future holds for us!

I won’t recap what can be read in the previously linked post, so lets just dive in. Hubby learned this week that our wish to transition out of the military has been granted, and we now have 12 months left as an active duty military family! I am overjoyed at this, and he is relieved given what we’ve been through especially in recent years with all of the absurd “rules” that are set up to make the servicemember’s (and the family’s) life difficult. While I have not been a fan of his employer for most of our 10 years of marriage, these last four years really crushed all of his starry-eyed views of his once-honorable organization, too. The Marine Corps, and the military as a whole, is just not what it was decades ago, and the mission has drastically departed from that of the noble cause during WWII. While I absolutely believe one should serve their country in one way or another, it cannot be done under poor leadership, and corrupt policies.

What’s next for us is still a bit cloudy, though we are working multiple avenues, daily. The one thing the Marine Corps has allowed space for is networking. That, combined with consistent prayer and petition and fasting asking Jesus to open the right position up right when we need it with a company that will treat us well and provide a fulfilling second career for hubby, clears any doubt that something so much better awaits at the end of these 12 months.

xo, Mia


  1. I hope that things turn out better for you and your family, as your husband re-enters civilian life again.

    1. Thank you, we are looking forward to it!!

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