What’s In My Bag: Summer Beach Vacation Necessities

The best non-toxic products to take on your vacation for personal care, first-aid, and remedies for vacation overindulgence.

We recently took a very quick trip to the beach to satiate my eternal need to feel sand beneath my feet and hear the ocean with my own ears. Having lived within a few miles of the shore for the first six years of my adult life, it’s difficult to no longer have the luxury of an impromptu stop to enjoy a sunset on the beach, stopping by for a sandy stroll to the chorus of waves crashing on the shore, or weekends basking in sun and sea. Now, it’s a few hours trip to the beach, which requires a bit more planning and packing. After years of trial and error, and learning things the hard way (that full-body burn on day one of a week-long trip), I’ve built up a list of beach trip necessities that I will never travel without. While I’ve already covered sun protection in this post, I’m focusing today on what products are travel musts, especially with a family or group where the likelihood of needing one of these items is increased. Also included are quick-shop links for you to get your bag together for your next trip, wherever you may be headed.

What’s in my bag

1. It’s hard to rank any one of these as greater importance than the others, but if I had to choose just one, I’d say nux vomica is it. Nothing ruins a vacation in its entirety like an upset stomach, and this homeopathic remedy is the quick fix to end the negative results of overindulgent eating and drinking. It also has alleviated nausea during driving without eating enough beforehand for myself and my little one.

2. In a similar vein, these “Tummy Drops” ginger lozenges are a miracle worker for motion sickness. Both Lilly and I suffer from it, so long drives can be a bit of a problem. I’ve tried a laundry list of remedies but these are the best quality, organic, and most effective option I’ve tried. She and I both enjoy the flavor of the blackberry variety.

3. This drawing salve has been a revelation for me. Recommended to me by my mom this past spring when I informed her that Lilly had a few deep-set splinters, it has been at arms-length at all times since then! Not only did it remove those splinters within 48 hours (no tweezers required), but as soon as we get a bug bite, I apply a dab, and it’s GONE in a few minutes. As someone who is a magnet for biting bugs, this has been a game-changer this summer!

4. An item no first-aid kit should be without, this spray (I also use the gel) is a miracle worker! Think of it as a non-toxic version of Neosporin (anti-biotic ointment). It’s a completely safe wound-repair spray that has a variety of uses beyond closing up wounds and preventing infection. I’ve also sprayed this directly into the back of my mouth when I first noticed a sore throat coming on, and it cleared it right up! If this post is sounding like an ad for how much more effective natural, non-toxic, and homeopathic remedies work than their commercial/OTC/allopatic alternatives, then I’ve successfully gotten the message across.

5. After 2020 I feel like this is an item that everyone just always has with them now, but some of us have been long-time stashers of good quality hand-sanitizers for those moments where you just need a quick cleanse (looking at you gas pumps). Not all sanitizers are created equal, with many of them being more perfume than sanitizer, but this has been my favorite brand since long before 2020 for the non-toxic formula that’s safe on everybody in the family, and reasonable price. I get this bulk pack and make sure I have one in my handbag, and one in the car at all times.

6. I’m really not a fan of sunscreen for a lot of reasons. We do not wear sun screen in our daily life as it severely inhibits the body’s natural building of sun tolerance, and blocks vital minerals like Vitamin D which comes from the sun. Instead, I’m a fan of coverage with hats, clothing, umbrellas, and most importantly, slowly building up a tolerance (melanin) over the spring and early summer. However, if you don’t already spend lots of time at the beach, a little bit of SPF can be useful to prevent dangerous burns. This brand is a great non-toxic option that I’ve used for years (literally the exact same tube and stick). I carry the little sun stick for swiping across my girls’ noses and cheeks, and the tube for coverage of a greater surface area. I simply wipe the excess on my hands onto any exposed skin on myself, and save those around us from getting toxic spray to the eyes and lungs (please do not buy spray sunscreen).

7. For an easy day-to-evening lip, I am obsessed with this simple, non-toxic tinted lip balm. I’ve used this for the past year and think it’s perfect for all seasons, and especially when you aren’t in the mood for a full value color lipstick, like I’ve been.

We’ve traveled enough as a couple, and as a family that I’ve figured out how to make things go as smoothly as possible when on a much-needed summer vacation. Personal comfort accoutrements, as well as protection and then treatments when the inevitable burn or bite happens are items that I never travel without. This small list packs a powerful punch and fits snugly within just about any travel hygiene bag and purse. If you haven’t tried these products, I highly recommend you give them a try. If you’re looking to switch to non-toxic alternatives, this is your sign to do it already! Most importantly, have fun wherever your summer travels take you!

xo, Mia

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