Business & Pleasure Co. Umbrellas: Here’s How to Choose The Right One for You.

An in depth review and comparison of the popular brand’s premium, and holiday size fringe umbrellas, and where to get the best deal on them.

While this post does contain affiliate links, this review is in no way sponsored by Business & Pleasure Co. All ideas, and photos are my own.

I really lucked out when I found a Business & Pleasure Co. umbrella in a clearance bin at my local Pottery Barn Outlet, and scored it for $20! I have been pining for one of these glamorous fringe umbrellas these past few years but never could justify paying upwards of $300 for an outdoor umbrella – or any umbrella for that matter. When I bagged my marigold-colored umbrella for a song, however, my obsession was sparked. Since then, I’ve added another size and colorway that’s more “me” than marigold to my collection (because I do plan to have a rainbow of these things at some point), and want to share some of the nuances of each of these styles that are important to be aware of before you make your first, or next, Business & Pleasure Co. fringe umbrella purchase.


Both are made with a durable, laminated wood pole and UV resistant canvas. They both come with a conveniently sized carrying case with a long strap and enough space inside to make getting the umbrella in and out struggle-free. Though one is slightly heavier than the other, I’ve carried both on and off the beach and thanks to the design of the strap on the carrying case, they’re very easy to carry even if your hands are full. You can find many the same fabrics in both sizes.

The Holiday

I’ll start with my first acquisition and the smaller of the two, The Holiday. Umbrella sizing is delineated by different names that don’t lend much to determining their size, so be sure to check the measurements in the product description to be sure yours is large enough for your needs. When set up, the Holiday measures 6 feet high and 5.5 feet wide, and when in it’s matching carrying bag, its under 4 feet long, and a lightweight 7 lbs. This is the perfect size for one to 3 people to sit comfortably shaded beneath. The umbrella fabric is UV resistant canvas that will keep it’s color, trimmed with polyester fringe. What I love about these umbrellas is their elegant wooden pole – it adds a touch of refinement that makes this umbrella perfectly suited for beach, yard, and patio. The wood is laminated to resist water damage, but still, do not get this beautiful umbrella wet. The obvious aesthetic difference between the Holiday and the upgraded Premium umbrella is that the former has a white aluminum hardware.

The Premium

When I saw the blue chinoiserie print go on sale for the same price as the holiday (plus a Memorial Day sale on top of it brought the cost of this one down to $125!!) I didn’t hesitate even for a second. Shipping was super fast, I think it arrived the same week I ordered it, which says a lot considering I live in a rural town. The chinoiserie print is a really special design, as it has a light blue upper and once you’re under the umbrella can you see the chinoiserie fabric – love little details like this! Another difference from the Holiday is that the Premium has natural cotton fringe, and upgraded features on the carrying case such as a wooden ball closure, pocket, and silver hardware. The Premium umbrella stands 7 feet high with a span of 6 feet, and when tucked inside its bag measures 4 feet long, and weighs an easy 9 lbs. The pole is slightly larger around than the Holiday umbrella, and this style comes with a silver hinge, as well as a silver placard with the company’s logo for a distinctive nautical look. This size is perfect for 4+ people, and is amazing at blocking sun. We used this at the beach for our longest day there and without sunscreen, I did not get burned after spending most of the day under this umbrella. I’ve also had success setting this up over my patio table on the 4th of July. The brand sells stands but it fit just fine in the one I already have.

Final Thoughts

After using both of my Business & Pleasure Co. umbrellas this spring and summer, I can honestly say this is something every aesthete needs in their summer set-up. It’s a wonderfully beautiful yet practical item that cheap umbrellas I’ve used in the past can’t possibly measure up to in terms of sun protection, and style. For solo use or small groups, the Holiday is your go-to. For a larger family or group, the Premium is perfect, and each can be used on a patio as well! For a little bit extra, you’ll get a lot more details and sun coverage between these two styles. It’s worth noting some of the other styles like their large market umbrella that’s designed for a patio, the premium beach tent, cabana, and darling accessories like towels, beach blankets, chairs, and even coolers in matching fabrics! I’m linking a few reputable places to buy Business & Pleasure products, that also frequently run sales on these items. Bookmark this post, and check back come Labor Day, Black Friday, and again next summer for sales on top of sales on the prettiest fringe umbrellas you ever did see!

xo, Mia


  1. Thanks for the review and very helpful rundown of both umbrellas! I’m about about to order my first B&P umbrella and seeing them side by side here has helped a lot. I love your chinoiserie print also, I wish it were still available.

    1. I’m so glad to hear this helped you make your decision! Thanks so much for reading, and enjoy your umbrella. We just used ours for the first time the other day, and I’m now wanting to add another to my small collection!

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