An Easy and Affordable Upgrade That’s Made Our Kitchen More Efficient and Attractive

Over one year ago when we bought our house we had a lot to do to get the place looking the way we wanted it. From dark brown heavily lacquered wood trims to basic bathroom vanities that were hanging off the wall by the piping alone, to a bold and dark color palette on every wall and flooring, reminiscent of a 1980s hunting lodge, I surmise. Yes, we’re in the country but I have never been a fan of the American country aesthetic, so the gradual process of brightening the place up with a bit of European country elegance has been our ongoing weekend project all these months!

Now that you’re up to speed, I wanted to share a much less daunting upgrade we made to our kitchen in a matter of hours. One that cost less than $100 and requires a baseline level of skill. One of the many odd design decisions the sellers made was to leave the kitchen cabinetry completely void of any knobs or pulls. This is not very practical, no, but it also leaves your wood subject to hastened damage as a result of the constant rubbing and scraping necessary to open every drawer and cabinet. Finally, I’d had enough so I settled on a set of knobs and pulls and we got the job done. Of course this would have been a much faster upgrade had there been knobs and pulls already there to simply swap out. After all, measuring and drilling new holes did require a little bit of math, trial and error, and wood filler – oops.

You guys, I love how much better these budget-friendly knobs and pulls make our kitchen look! Just the right touch of French country elegance, not to stand out too much that it would distract potential buyers, and not so boring that I wouldn’t be able to live with them! Typical of French design, the cup-style pulls have a lovely antique brass finish that’s both beautiful, bright and casual enough for our country home.

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We ended up needing three boxes of knobs and one box of pulls; at $19 a piece (at the time we bought them) they were a steal, and cost well under $100 to make a big impact on our kitchen aesthetic. If you, like me need constant change in your surroundings, a quick swap of your old hardware, or completely installing new hardware from scratch is an easy, budget-friendly way to freshen up your home decor!

xo, Mia

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