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Happy Spring, dear readers! Please pardon my long absence from posting; I’ll admit I sometimes have periods of doubting whether I want to continue my blog, and Instagram channel (which I credit to the burnout from social media use) but always, and very serendipitously, get some form of encouragement from outside that gives me that boost of motivation I need, reminding me that this beloved page of mine does bring joy, and helpful resources to others! On top of that, it’s been difficult finding time to write and create the photos and do the things needed to supply this space with fresh content, as we have a lot going on in our personal life right now. I have been working a weekend job since Thanksgiving which replaced the only days we had to work on my blog and photoshoots, and we are currently navigating very uncertain – but very exciting – waters in regards to hubby’s job! All good things, but those in addition to homeschooling, and boring homeowner things has left no spare time in my schedule. Thinking I would at least take a hiatus, I actually cancelled my upgraded plan for the blog which ended up completely destroying the appearance of my website, reverting it to some random theme with stock images, which has forced me to spend the last few days rebuilding my site. You may have noticed the appearance is a bit different, and that’s why. I like the new look though, it’s a bit more mature but no less fun with the new color palette that I’ve been using for collages and other things for a few months already. I’d love to hear what you think, and the comments box is the perfect place to do just that!

In my absence I’ve let a number of good sales come and go without much more than a brief LTK posting, but one particular find is worth mentioning as there will be future sales by this brand that you’ll want to look out for.

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My best sale purchase so far this year has been this Needle & Thread dress in this opulent print pretty enough for the gilded halls of the Palace of Versailles! If only that’s where I’d planned on wearing it. Alas, it was a sale too good to pass up after a very long and troublesome month of January, so I bagged it and resolved to figure out to where and what I’d wear it at some later date. It’s just one of those things I knew if I’d passed it up, it would forever haunt me as “the one that got away.” Dresses and seperates can be found across the web at a variety of retailers, but I found the best deals and most sizes can be found on their website in their “Outlet” section, when they open it up a few times a year. It’s worth it to sign up for emails to be notified when they do!

Shop the Look: Dress (similar pink, blue)| Earrings | Bracelet | Shoes

As I knew would happen, the perfect opportunity to don this 18th century style beauty did present itself when a request from a brand to snap some product photos coincided with cherry blossom season here in Virginia. Lisi Lerch is a purveyor of preppy and coastal style jewelry and accessories. I’ve admired their pieces for years, especially their hats, and was happy to work with them.

I chose these lovely mother of pearl and hydrangea blue (now, MatM blue!) statement studs, and this pearl and golden beaded bracelet.

Two lovely pieces that I have had many opportunities to wear over the last month since receiving them, and can recommend them for the quality has held up nicely. The bracelet still looks new after a month of normal wear and tear which at this price-point I did not expect to hold up so well. The earrings are sturdy and the beads are properly secured – a lovely pairing with colorful ensembles, and elevate a casual look so effortlessly. Similarly, I’ve found my favorite way to wear the bracelet is to stack it with my VCA Alhambra dupe bracelet but I am eyeing this to go with it as well!

With spring in full-swing and summer on the horizon, there is so much more coming to you from this space! We’ve expanded our garden, added a few little furry friends, and so much more! If you’re subscribed to the NEW Mia at the Moment newsletter (sign up on homepage) you’ll get all the juicy details first!

xo, Mia

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