An Elegant Valentine’s Tablescape

Prior to finding out how much my little one loves an elaborate tablescape, I never gave it much thought except for at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and maybe Easter. My first foray into the world of tablescaping was on the little one’s birthday when she requested a “flower” theme, and I took inspiration from Marie Antoinette. She loved it, my family was dazzled by it, and I discovered a new past-time! Since it’s been a few months, I was reminded whilst creating this tablescape just how much I enjoy doing this – gathering each piece as I see it in my mind, then artfully bringing it all together to create a spectacular display for my loved ones to enjoy.

For Valentine’s day this year, I first decided that I would style a setting around this tablecloth, and just as quickly had dreamed up the rest of the details you see here. I love the traditional pink and red color pairing for Valentine’s day and took this opportunity to go all out with it! Always a fan of mixing prints, I had it in mind to create layers that pop by contrasting the wavy, organic squiggles and bows of the tablecloth with one of my all-time favorite prints; gingham. This set of six napkins was under $30 and I am very happy with the color, and quality. Not wanting to spend a fortune on just four placemats that I know will inevitably get soiled and stained, I was able to finally find these, which seem to be a bit more stain resistant than linen or cotton, and of course don’t wrinkle.

Aside from the tablecloth (and matching napkins that I will be using on a different table design), these plates are the star of the show. I bought them specifically for this table, though I have been pining for them for a few years now. My crystal goblets are a budget find from Home Goods many years ago (they always have some form of crystal drinkware though), and the silverware is the same set we use everyday. After splurging on the tablecloth, I wanted to make use of as much on hand as possible, and I truly believe that’s how the best designs come about; mixing old and new.

Floral arranging has got to be my least favorite thing to do. It’s messy, and it just doesn’t come easily to me, so I try to keep it as simplified as possible, with the only rule I give myself to follow being to work in three’s. To clarify, I always choose three different flower types, or three different colors for my arrangement. This time it’s white hydrangea, hot pink roses, and a more petite lilac purple rose. I had initially just wanted pink winter berries and the pink roses with the hydrangea but my grocery store’s stock was limited to this, so I made it work!

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Of course, I won’t let this post conclude without mentioning what I wore for the occasion (and plan to wear on the actual holiday). In the spirit of shopping small I’ve sourced this head-to-toe ensemble from a Dallas, TX based brand that specializes in childrenswear and has in recent years added a divine women’s line, to include mommy-and-me styles. This beautiful blouse is one of their staple silhouettes with new patterns and colorways coming each month; I of course went with a simple pink and white stripe for this anything but simple smocked blouse. While we’re busy making statements, this floor-length plaid skirt takes the cake as the most beautiful skirt I own – designed in collaboration with textiles and furniture designer, Caitlin Wilson, her signature “Prescott Plaid” is equal parts unique, glamorous, and fun! I’m sorry to say but it’s no longer available however, the same material is available as a pillow. This is the skirt I wore for Christmas, and I am still kicking myself for getting a total of ZERO photos of the day, my outfit, my family, anything really. I styled it with a red cardigan pulling from one of the colors in the skirt. Don’t you just love plaid?

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this completed table as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it all together! If you’re looking for inspiration for your Valentine’s day table, I hope you’ve found it here; similarly, if table setting as an art was something you were curious about, I hope this has shed some light on how fun and rewarding this simple act can be, not just for you but for your loved ones as well.

xo, Mia

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