Blue & White & Paris

I’m writing to you tonight with a sniffly nose, bruised knee, and fifty other problems that have all cascaded onto us during this first month of the year. I always find January to be loathsome but this year may just take the cake – from a long-haul power outage to what seems like everything in our house needing fixed all at once. So, it is with great joy that I point out that we only have one day left of this miserable month! I have the most exciting Valentine’s celebration planned with my family and have spent the last few weeks shopping for and brainstorming the décor for it, and I can’t wait to show you what I have planned; I’m sure you need a holiday just as much as I do! Until then, I’m delighted to share one of my go-to outfits with a few pieces you may recognize.

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Even on my most un-inspired days there’s one thing I always do to set the day right, and that’s taking a few minutes to put together an outfit that I’m excited about. It doesn’t always have to be fancy, in fact if you’ve been around MatM long enough you’ll know I am a comfy-casual gal through-and-through, my rendition of it just looks a little different. Classic, polished, and feminine as opposed to your typical sporty, and trendy versions. Although, my brother tells me that wrinkled shirts are currently on trend, in which case I’ll go with that as opposed to admitting I’d already done half a day’s worth of chores before snapping these photos. On trend or otherwise, and much like Paris, blue and white will always be a good idea!

This flexible cotton button down was a Black Friday sale purchase and I love it. I can’t recommend the transformative power of collared, button-front shirts enough for making you look and feel instantly more polished. Even with leggings, layered under a sweatshirt, or tucked into shorts or pants, everything looks more classy with this workwear staple! Mine just happens to be slightly oversized, which gives the proportions I wanted when envisioning this for winter with skinny jeans like this. This is the laid-back look I was hoping for when I sized up in this shirt, but I do recommend taking your usual size as it already runs a little bit relaxed.

Blue and white, meet my favorite cold-weather accent color; cognac! Cognac, saddle, chestnut, vachetta, whatever the designer’s chosen name, this medium brown shade is one of my all-time favorites to pair with blue. This belt was another Black Friday buy but thankfully this brand runs similar sales every month, and makes this bargain find an even better deal.

It just so happens to match perfectly with my favorite ballet flats; my saddle vachetta Natalie flats by Sarah Flint! These are actually the prettiest flats on the market under the $700 price tag – well under it! They’re true designer quality, handmade in Italy in the same factories, but at half the cost. They’re the ultimate chic-mom shoe! Don’t forget, use SARAHFLINT-BAMIAM at checkout for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint shoes!

If you take the time to make your bed at the beginning of each day, why not similarly devote a few minutes to your daily outfit? Having a wardrobe stocked with classic pieces like a blue and white button-down, skinny jeans, and comfortable shoes makes the process so much smoother, and that much more fun! And right now, in dreaded January, I’ll take all the extra fun I can find!

xo, Mia

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