An Easy Neutral Look

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I love being comfortable just as much as I love looking my best and most polished in my daily outfit choices. For me, the two absolutely coexist – they have to! As a busy mom with a hundred different roles to fill throughout the day, I prioritize comfort; as a fashion-lover and aesthete, I need to feel put-together, and with this easy neutral outfit I was able to achieve that perfect balance.

I’m sure the first question you have about my introduction to this ensemble has something to do with whether or not I actually wear heels on an ordinary day, and the answer is, YES. I wear some form of high heel most days and feel most comfortable that way. Of course, being a shoe girl, I will always invest in a high-quality, comfortable, well-made pair of shoes over any other accessory so that I can wear things like pointed toe stilettos and truthfully tell you that I’m comfortable doing so. In the same way that I feed my family organic, homemade food each day to take care of our bodies from the inside, I make sure I’m making purchases that will allow me to take care of my body (feet, legs, and back) from the outside. Besides, the cost of podiatrist visits, corrective surgeries, and all of the accessories I see some people needing for their feet and back because of decades spent wearing improper footwear is enough to convince me to never buy another cheap pair of shoes again!

The pumps I’ve styled here are made of flexible Italian leather so the upper feels slipper-like. Inside, there’s an anatomical arch support that takes the burden off your arch when walking and standing still. Most importantly in wet winter months, the sole is entirely rubber and non-slip. Also, I love that this neutral shade is trans-seasonal; it’s just as easy to style in January as it is in July and every month in between.

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I recently bought this cardigan new with tags second hand after literal years of back-and-forth about it. What is wrong with me, honestly. I do suppose that with such careful consideration put into every purchase, it’s that much more of a testament to things when I give them praise. Either way, this sweater is nice. The collar, bracelet-length sleeves and sleek pockets give this piece a stately air – one fit for any type of office, including COO of the home. There is 30% merino wool content, so it is soft and unnoticeable to the touch but much warmer than something cotton or synthetic or a blend of the two; just what you need to stop that biting chill of winter. The real winning detail for me is the perfect length to which it hits at the hem – just long enough to cover the back and thighs making it perfectly acceptable and even appropriate to wear leggings out of the house.

I bought these leggings years ago on sale from Nordstrom Rack just to tick a box (before these I had zero black leggings and even if you don’t wear black or leggings you should have a pair). Well, they’ve turned out to be amazing and I have to stop myself from wearing them all the time. Any ponte leggings – which are thicker material and can pass for pants – or even my favorite black trousers will work here.

This turtleneck is named the “tissue” and it lives up to the title. It’s very thin and can be looked at two ways; perfect for layering without adding bulk, or not quite thick enough to be worn on it’s own in places that get real cold winters. It fits true to size unlike it’s cousin that is thick enough to wear on it’s own in cold climates, and if you opt for the “perfect” over the “tissue” I recommend sizing up one full size despite what reviews on the website say. I love that it’s inexpensive, comfortable cotton, and comes in lots of colors.

What pulls everything together in this look is the accessories. I requested this bag for my birthday, hubby listened, and boy am I glad he did! I was actually eyeing this one (again, for literal years before finally deciding to buy it) but it sold out during an early Black Friday sale just as I was beginning to check out! What a serendipitous happening though because this was a runner up I decided on in that moment, and I am completely head over heels for it! Pebble leather is timeless and perhaps my favorite. The pearl, ivory color is the perfect shade to make this bag trans-seasonal, and is really the most elegant neutral shade if I may say so.

Another exciting accessory is the sadly, hidden, dainty gold bracelet and dainty gold chain with the prettiest natural pearl dangling from it. These pieces are from a designer I’ve followed for years, based in London, UK and utilizing recycled silver, gold vermeil, and ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds to create elegant, timeless, heirloom pieces that you’ll wear every day. I for one have been wearing this necklace every day since it arrived and love that I now get to represent this brand as an ambassador! When you shop with me and use my unique code: US20RAFINSIDER-28A9, you will receive 20% off your entire purchase.

xo, Mia

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