Christmas Gift Ideas for Him | 2021

Good evening reader, I’m so glad you’ve dropped in for another stop on the gift guide week express! I’m having a ton of fun bringing you these edits; for her, little girls, and tweens & teen girls, and tonight it’s all about the guys. He’s probably going to ask you for socks and maybe some random item that you have no clue what it’s for or why anyone would ask for it, so to help fill in the gaps try any of these items below. I’ve gifted most of these with a tremendous response, so you can’t go wrong with any of them (or all of them).

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Clean hygiene products – I discovered this brand earlier this year and gifted my husband a set to sample one of everything. He loved it, I loved the scent of it, and best of all it’s a clean formula that uses organic and non-toxic ingredients! If you’re going to gift beauty/hygiene products, make sure they’re clean and safe!

Home improvement store gift card – Don’t believe the lie that gift cards are “impersonal” or “thoughtless,” they’re a practical gift catered their interests. A gift card for the first-time homebuyers, newlyweds, or handy man is something that every man can appreciate! You can’t go wrong with one from a home improvement store, but pay attention to their interests and where they like to shop and I guarantee they’ll love it.

Yeti tumbler – We absolutely love our Yetis! Most travel cups wear out and leak or just get nasty over the year of using them but these have held up wonderfully for us using them constantly. This makes a great inexpensive gift that you know they’ll use!

Shotshell wallet – For a unique twist on an everyday item, try this leather billfold wallet with shotgun shell detailing! This wallet is real leather so it will hold up for as long as he needs it to, and is perfectly suited to the outdoorsman’s tastes.

Flannel shirt – It’s almost a tradition for me to buy my husband another flannel shirt each Christmas but it’s a gifting tradition neither of us get tired of, so win-win! The contrasting suede detail at the collar is what makes this particular shirt stand out above all the rest. Be sure to read sizing charts carefully, and if needed, measure one of their well-fitting shirts to make sure you’re getting the right size.

Scottish tweed sport coat – Every man needs a sport coat and this one, with fabric weaved in Scotland, is a great one to start building his collection, or be the workhorse piece he uses for every casual-dressy occasion. It comes in 4 colors but I love the green, as it can be worn with both denim and khakis and contrast beautifully.

Nice leather belt – Does the man in your life rip through belts like they’re a piece of beef jerkey? Does he only have canvas or fabric belts and nothing polished for when those inevitable dressy occasions come up? Christmas is an appropriate time to gift a better-than-basic item like this – a sleek leather belt, because most men don’t care to prepare their wardrobe for whatever may come, and that’s okay!

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xo, Mia

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