Gift Ideas for Little Girls | 2021

Welcome back to gift guide week here at Mia at the Moment! Today I’m sharing my wholesome Christmas gift idea edit for little girls. As a mom of two sweet girls I can honestly admit that I have a ton of fun shopping for them! However, with doting grandparents who nearly spoil them rotten, it’s easy for me to narrow down my shopping lists for them into carefully considered edits of high-quality items that I know they will love and use. I can count the number of battery-powered toys my girls have combined on one hand. They’re just not worth the money because 1) they overstimulate kids without really inspiring any real learning or creativity, and 2) we don’t want to listen to it. Instead, over the years we’ve noticed that our girls get the most mileage out of their building toys, stacking toys, dolls, and dress-up items, and anything that allows for open-ended play; they also love outdoor toys and a wagon is really high on my list for them this year.

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Violet the Fawn – I’ve just added this cute little fawn to my shopping list for my little one this year. Dolls are such wonderful gifts and one like this that is heirloom quality, and so unique makes a wonderful Christmas gift for any little girl on your list. The best part, for every doll sold the brand donates 10 meals to children in North America and abroad.

Stacking Rainbow – This was on last year’s children’s gift guide after giving it to our youngest for her birthday and seeing how much she enjoyed it. One year later and this toy sits as a decorative object on one of our bookshelves when not being used as a tunnel, tower for stacking toy cars, a hilly Hobbit town for their Lego village to rest in, a crib for their baby dolls, and any of the other countless creative uses they come up with for it each week. A wonderful reminder, too, of God’s promise to never again send a flood to destroy the earth.

Woven Wagon – Wagons (any mode of transporting a mass quantity of toys really) is sure to be a hit. We’ve gone through strollers, toy shopping carts, and all sorts of other make-shift wagons over the years with our girls, so this year we’re finally getting them a proper wagon! This is the one I’m looking at because it’s deep enough to pile in their goodies, and the material is lightweight enough that even my youngest will be able to maneuver it with ease.

Non-toxic Play Dough – Kids love making things and if you’re going to allow them the freedom to explore their creative side, let them do it with a non-toxic formulated dough. This one comes with four sweetly scented doughs, farm-themed shape cutters, and a rolling pin.

Sparkle Cape & Wand set – I don’t know of one little girl that doesn’t like to dress up. In fact, you can log on Instagram and see a bunch of grown women who still like to dress up (me included)! I love capes because they’re easy – easy to throw on over whatever outfit they have on for the day, and easy enough to just let them wear if they refuse to take off their costume when it comes time to run errands! Encourage your little ones to think outside the Disney box with this beautiful unbranded sequin cape and wand set.

Clean Makeup set – For the older littles, this makeup set is the perfect gift for the budding artist who loves to get into your shadows and blushes. No need to worry about harmful chemicals, this non-toxic kit is free of parabens, phthalates, talc, artificial colors, and harsh chemicals.

If you missed my first gift guide you can find it here! Come back tomorrow for my gift guide for tween girls and later this week for the rest of the family.

xo, Mia

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