The Sunday Edit | 11.07.21

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Good evening readers, and thank you for dropping by for another Sunday Edit! We are in the midst of celebrating our littlest one’s birthday this weekend and it’s been the most wonderful time with my in-laws visiting, tons of presents for baby, tasty food for all, and the pleasure of having a house full of flowers, thanks to the little one requesting a flower theme for her birthday decorations (as seen in photo above). I always bake my family’s birthday cakes but never one for myself – I think I’ll be changing that this year! As we move further into November and further away from summer (le sigh), I’m almost fully in holiday season mode which means getting the house ready for entertaining, getting my closet ready for the bitter cold, and getting ready to decorate for Christmas. As such, I’ve included one of my family’s favorite recipes – it makes a ton, feeds a lot, and has become our Christmas Eve dinner of choice for the last few years running. I’ve also added in a hosting must-have for creating the perfect ambiance, my favorite designer fabric but for Christmas, and an item I’m currently hunting; a cape. Enjoy today’s Sunday Edit, and have a great week!

1. Italian Wool Cape

I have been on a quest for a beautiful wool cape all autumn long. I love the timeless, elegant design of a cape and the fact that it’s a break from the monotony of coats and jackets. Like most of the items I dream up and plan outfits and entire occasions around in my mind, this is turning out to be a difficult find however, this one nearly hits the nail on the head. Made of virgin Italian wool it features a regal high neck, universally flattering length, and in my favorite fall color; I’m adding this to cart!

2. Stockings

I just can’t get enough of this beautiful fabric! When I saw that this small business was releasing Christmas stockings in my favorite designer fabric, I squealed with glee. I have the throw pillows in this same beautiful blue with the spa ticking stripe backing and I honestly never get tired of looking at them. In fact, I would love to have a bit of this fabric in every room but until then little bits here and there will have to do! I am hoping to get this stocking in the green stripe this year!

3. Blue and white candle holders

Tis the season for entertaining, and don’t find yourself without these beautiful blue and white candle holders! It amazes me that they come in a pack of six for this price. Lighting is my favorite way to create atmosphere, and you can really make a tablescape pop with dimension utilizing the varied heights and combining pillars and tapers. These can be used all year and for Christmas, I’d tie a red satin ribbon around them for a bit of extra festive flair!

4. Pesto Bolognese Lasagna

This recipe has become a sort of Christmas Eve tradition in our house, but already this fall I’ve made it twice, it’s that good. The first few times I made it I followed the recipe to a T and it is excellent that way, but have evolved it a bit over time to add more seasnings, veggies, and accommodate for ingredients I can’t always get like pork sausage. It’s such a forgiving recipe so have fun with substitutions, and additions! I made it this past Friday for our baby’s 5th birthday celebration since my in-laws were in town and I wanted to make sure everyone was well-fed, and they loved it! This time I used a full pound of ground beef, 1/4 lb spicy Italian chicken sausage (all I could find, but much less greasy than pork so it’s alright after all), omitted the water, and added a pound of mushrooms I cut up. One of these days I’m going to remember to add spinach, too. I always add more seasonings than recipes call for and in this I added added about a tablespoon of Italian herb blend, crushed red pepper flakes, garlic and onion powders. I’m not a huge fan of provolone so I skip that and just use the ricotta, add raw cheddar, lots of parmesan (about 3/4 cup), and about 4 oz of fresh mozzarella. Again though, have fun with it and figure out what you like best!

xo, Mia

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