The Sunday Edit | 10.31.21

Hi friends, and thanks for stopping by for another Sunday Edit! We’ve made it to the start of yet another week, and as we step into Monday we will also be stepping into November. I feel like summer was two weeks ago; what’s all this Christmas stuff in the stores about?! While I’ve already started buying little bits here and there to give as Christmas gifts (the planner in me can’t help it), my head and wardrobe just haven’t caught up yet. Either way, I can’t help but feel the slightest bit of festive spirit attempting to make that initial spark inside me each time I open my email and see another favorite brand has their Christmas collection ready to shop. So that’s what this Sunday Edit is going to be about – Christmas accoutrement! A decoration here, a book there, your Christmas dress and some festive PJs for the minis, too! I hope you enjoy this Sunday Edit and the last day of October because whether you’re ready for it or not, tomorrow basically begins the Christmas season!

1. Blue and white Nativity set

I’ve been on this home designer’s mailing list for years eagerly awaiting sale notifications and new arrival announcements. Last week, I got the email that announced their Christmas collection had arrived and it took every bit of self-control in me not to buy one of these precious Nativity sets in every color! It was a toss up between all of the Nativity sets, and this trio of the cutest little Christmas houses you ever did see! Truly a beautiful piece that will be beloved by all generations.

2. Snowmen at Christmas

I bought this board book for Lilly a few years back. I just love the beautiful warm illustrations and the magical world it allows children to fantasize about; what do snowmen at Christmas do at night when no one is looking? A quick, feel-good story that babies, toddlers, children and even adults will enjoy. This would make a wonderful stocking stuffer, or gift for little ones, too!

3. Sugarplum Fairy Christmas dress

I’m currently attracted to all of the non-traditional Christmas colors right now – I can’t wait to show you the skirt I bought once it arrives! My jaw actually dropped when I found this appropriately named “Sugarplum Fairy” dress that’s made by a female-owned small business based in Utah. They have a lovely Christmas collection, and every mama dress has a matching mini version! I love that this dress can work for Christmas, Mother’s Day, NYE, dinners out, showers, and a myriad of other events where cocktail attire is the dress code! Truly versatile and at a wonderful price point.

4. Christmas PJs (family or just for kids)

Every year this store launches a huge collection of Christmas PJs for the entire family. Personally, matching family pajamas isn’t for us but (never say never) I have bought my girls a few pairs of PJs from this company and they love them! They’re made of organic cotton, and are one of the more affordable ones on the market. The material is substantial, sizing is true, and there are so many fun prints to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly find your favorite set here!

If you weren’t already, did this Sunday Edit get you in the mood for Christmas?! I’m getting there!

xo, Mia

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