5 Things I Love About the Sarah Flint Perfect Pump

My honest review of the Perfect Pump 85, sizing tips, and the design details you will only find on Sarah Flint shoes.

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I recently unboxed my third pair of Sarah Flint shoes, and this time went with a pair that would complete my footwear capsule. Though I don’t need to wear heels on a daily basis, it’s true that every lady needs a pair of classic leather pumps in her closet. You never know when you will need to dress up and thankfully, having a timeless staple style like the Sarah Flint Perfect Pump on hand means you’ll always be dressed appropriately. I chose the color sand calf in leather finish as I find light neutrals go with much more in my closet than classic black, but if black is your go-to you are treated to both leather or suede options, and can pick whichever heel height you prefer; 50, 85, or 100. I went with the 85 after debating between it and the 100 simply because from experience, I know the 85mm is high enough to have that glamorous, leg lengthening look you get from high-heels but still comfortable for me to move about in for an extended period of time.

Sizing varies based on the material used for the upper and the recommendation for some of the the leather options is to size up half a size, while you can stick to your usual size in the suede and fabrics. As always, consult the individual product’s recommendation found in the “About this Shoe” section on the Sarah Flint website, or reach out to one of their fit experts for further advise. I followed the size guide on the website and went with a half size larger than what I usually buy, and they fit perfect – comfortably snug so there’s no struggling to keep them on when I walk, and with wear and time will stretch and mold to my foot as leather does. Keep scrolling for photo references and a list of 5 things I love about these Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps!

The products in this post were provided as compensation for participation in an ambassador program. All opinions and views expressed are my own, and unaffected by the gifted nature of the product.

Anatomical arch support

These Sarah Flint heels are made with this ingenious anatomical arch support that’s also unique to her brand. Designed for all day comfort, I can attest to how much this adds to the comfort factor of a pair of high heels!

Non-slip rubber outsole

If you needed any more proof that Sarah Flint has designed these shoes with the woman who will wear them in mind, look no further than this seemingly insignificant detail. Concealed to onlookers and the wearer alike but if you take a peek at the bottom of the shoe you will see a discreet rubber sole that should be standard for all high heels! Alas, it’s not and if you actually enjoy worrying about slipping with each step then this shoe isn’t for you, but if you are looking to upgrade your slippery leather-soled heels for a pair of heels that you can walk in all day, in all weather, and not worry once about slipping, then these are for you!

Generous toe box

I normally don’t go for pointed-toe silhouettes because life is too short to have pinched toes you have to pry apart at the end of the day but not when it comes to Sarah Flint shoes. Wide enough without being clunky or unflattering, your toes will fit without being crushed, and rest easy without being pinched with each step.

Made by hand in Italy!

These shoes are made by hand by artisans in Italy who really know what they’re doing. The proof is in the stitching, the consistency in quality across all styles, and well, I’ve seen it! Sarah herself documents her trips to Italy for her Instagram followers showing the factories where each beautiful shoe is made, introducing the factory owner (who usually has had the factory passed down to them from previous generations), showing the process of materials selection, sneak peeks of new products, and you can even watch snippets of the artisans at work! Any other fans of the old TV program, How It’s Made out there? This is another unique benefit of being a Sarah Flint customer, you know where your shoes are coming from.

Color and material selection

Specifically speaking about the Perfect Pump 85, there are currently as of this post 11 different color and material options to choose from – not to mention limited edition styles like these stunning Pierre Frey fabric pumps! Choose from the classics or get something fun that makes a truly elegant statement.

If you have been wanting to upgrade to an affordable luxury shoe, or just need to complete your classic footwear capsule give these Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps a try! Shipping is lightning fast, but you’ll get your shoes even faster if you shop at one of the 3 pop-up stores, and don’t forget to use code SARAHFLINT-BAMIAM for $50 off your first purchase online or in store! What color is calling your name? The creamy sand calf, classic black, statement Pierre Frey fabric, or one other the other timeless 11 options?

xo, Mia

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