The Sunday Edit | 10.10.21

Happy new week, friends! I hope your October is full of fun fall festivities and slowing down before the busy Christmas season is upon us. This week, my mom is in town for a nice long-ish visit, so shopping is on my brain big time. She is definitely where I got my love of shopping from, and this remains a favorite activity of ours to this day. I can vividly remember hours – or so it seemed – spent running through the racks and rounders at her favorite department stores, and the thrill of finally making it to the children’s section for something new still lingering fresh in my memory after all of these years. In today’s edit I’m sharing a sweet scalloped sale find, the prettiest Liberty print and perhaps my favorite to date, everyone’s favorite recipe and my favorite version that you will love too, and a truly mind-blowing session that’s well worth your time! Enjoy October’s second The Sunday Edit!

1. Scalloped Wicker Baskets

We recently purchased a new media cabinet that will double as an arts & crafts supply storage, and I thought these baskets would be great for storing colored pencils, markers, sticker strips, and all of the other fun things my girls use to create things. I’m always on the hunt for elegant and tasteful things for my home, and my storage solutions get no less attention to detail! In fact, I feel that it’s the small details that delight you when you least expect it – such as a cute basket when you open a cabinet – are the most fun. They’re currently on sale for 25% off, as well as the basket I shared in last week’s Sunday Edit but only for two more days so be quick!

Photo credit: AL

2. Liberty Floral Blouse

J.Crew has a revolving assortment of lovely Liberty fabric items but this print is definitely my favorite so far! It’s the definition of an elevated basic – take a classic staple silhouette, add a fun detail like ruffles and puff sleeves, and jazz it up with a beautiful print – et voila! The color palette is so autumnal without being dark and heavy, which is really hard to find of florals this time of year – I’ve already ordered it and will review it in a blog post once it arrives.

3. Broccoli Cheddar Soup & Buttermilk Biscuits

I’ve been using this recipe since Spring but have recently begun craving ALL the soups, so it’s back in the regular rotation. I love broccoli cheddar soup and have tried so many different recipes with most lacking in flavor all together, being too thick from too much cheese, having too much or not enough veggies, you know how it goes. This is definitely the best broccoli cheddar soup recipe out there, and ever since trying it with biscuits, mass-produced sourdough just won’t cut it anymore. One major deviation from the recipe to note is that I always make the biscuits separately using this recipe. Sometimes I will add cheddar, smoked paprika, and pepper to the biscuit dough but most of the time I leave them plain and eat the leftovers with jam and butter for breakfast the next morning.

Photo credit: Half Baked Harvest

4. Chuck Missler Genesis Study

I recently wrapped up all 24 sessions of Chuck Missler’s expositional study of Genesis, and you guys, after these sessions I feel like the Bible is a whole new book to me! As a Berean, Missler’s approach to the Bible is line-by-line in depth study; using outside resources to understand the translations of words from Hebrew to Greek, and now to English (there is an especially mind-blowing example of the importance of this in the session I linked), studying the culture at the time each book was written, and understanding the background and mindset of the individuals the Holy Spirit worked through to write each book. I cannot encourage you strongly enough to give these first few sessions a listen! There is a lot of mathematics and science evidence used to detail the law of creation -and lays out specifically how the theory of evolution defies every law of thermodynamics, and is in disagreement with many other established scientific laws. I promise, you will walk away – after you scrape your jaw off the floor – in utter awe and amazement, and seeing the Bible and the world with completely new eyes!

Photo from Charleston because we started this Genesis series when we were driving down there!

What are some things you’ve been loving lately? Would any of these items make it into your own Sunday Edit?

xo, Mia

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