The Sunday Edit | 10.3.21

A truly random assortment of things that caught my attention over the past week – scalloped edges, spicy sauces, sparkly baubles, and secrets revealed! Enjoy today’s Sunday Edit!

1. Scalloped Wicker Tray

It’s really hard to resist anything with a scalloped edge – this cute little catch-all/produce basket/napkin holder/jewelry tray/etc. is no exception! This store is one we always make sure to shop when we’re in Charleston for that little taste of island life in the states. It’s quite an experience, and I recommend popping in when you’re there; if you don’t have a trip to Charleston planned, thankfully there is also an online store where I’ve ordered a few items from already and love the elegant, coastal touch they add to my home. This tray is next on my list.

2. Skhug (Zhug)

This herb-packed Israeli condiment has become a favorite in my household since we first tried it at a local restaurant over the summer. It’s very similar to my former reigning favorite condiment; chimichurri, but a lot spicier! Skhug has a tricky pronunciation, so we just say it phonetically but this recipe has a great breakdown of how to actually pronounce it, as well as my favorite recipe that we’ve tried. What’s not tricky is making it; it comes together in about 10 minutes with a food processor, and eating it; a jam jar-full lasts us up to a week but only because we ration ourselves (most of the time). A little bit spicy, and very very green, Skhug is a detoxifying powerhouse thanks to the main ingredient, cilantro, and it’s ability to remove heavy metals from the body. I did not have cardamom on hand so I used allspice, which sounds crazy but this is truly the best thing we’ve ever tasted.

3. Pearl Bow Drop Earrings

The most lovely holiday collection launched last week, and perhaps my favorite accessory from the whole thing are these beautiful linear pearl drop earrings. I have plans to wear these with my Christmas outfit, which I will style around these divine drops. With the Marine Corps Birthday Ball coming up as well, I can’t imagine wearing anything else!

Nicola Bathie x Antonio Melani linear pearly bow earrings

4. Contending for the Truth

With Christopher Columbus day coming up, I felt it very appropriate to direct you to a resource that briefly summarizes his true story, his motivations, and who he was as a man. Not the fabricated fiction the media and government schools are telling us to keep us ignorant, divide us, and create racism where there is none but what he actually did and why up until the agenda shifted about twenty years ago, Christopher Columbus was regarded as a hero (and spoiler alert, he still is). If you don’t believe me, listen to this, then do your own research – knowledge is power!

Primary sources matter.

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