The Sunday Edit | 9.26.21

This is the last Sunday Edit of September and I’m finding myself wondering where the month even went? I feel like we made an abrupt transition from summer and school supplies to Christmas collections and tree trimmings filling the stores overnight. I do suppose we are nearly in the thick of the holiday season, and recall in years past how by the first week of November, radio stations are playing Christmas music already. I’m just not ready for it! To wrap up September in this Sunday Edit, I’m continuing the breakfast foods theme with a favorite recipe of ours, the cutest little spot to store your kitchen utensils, an enriching conference we had the pleasure of watching from home, and some not-so-plain paper. Enjoy!

1. French-inspired Utensil Crock

I asked hubby for this little utensil crock for Mother’s Day and it still brings me joy to see it every time. Again, small budget-friendly items that make a statement and tie in your home decor scheme are my favorites. I asked for the small size and it fits all of my kitchen utensils that I use on a regular basis, and it looks so cute next to my antique cutting board on the counter! Functional and decorative, this little crock will add a bit of French country elegance to any kitchen.

Etu home French utensil crock

2. Old-Fashioned Pancakes

I make just about everything from scratch but went through a lazy period where I was using an organic pancake in a bag mix for my daughter’s favorite meal. Thankfully, I ran out one day as she was begging for some pancakes and found this recipe. Protein packed, fluffy, delicious, filling, and super quick and easy to throw together – we love these pancakes! Breakfast for dinner is my go-to on nights where extra-curricular activities run late and these are the pancakes my girls always ask for. I add about a half tablespoon of cinnamon to the batter, and always use real maple syrup.

Old Fashioned Pancake recipe

3. Behold He Comes Conference

Hubby wanted a ticket to this conference for his birthday, so he got it and we watched it and have forwarded it to our families to enjoy too! It was so encouraging, eye-opening (learning about the Middle East mindset from an actual Middle Easterner), confirming (that our country is not run by our current “president” or VP), and so many encouraging truths. I can’t recommend this enough!

"Behold He Comes" conference graphic

4. Scalloped Notecard Set

Paper is one thing that we can never have too much of in this house. With two artsy girls and my obsession with writing lists, we never seem to have enough paper around. While browsing for a set of stationary, I stumbled upon this elegant notecard set and fell instantly in love! The colors, the art, the font for the monogram initial are all so pretty and would look perfect on my desk. The acrylic tray pictured is extra, but worth it to be able to display these beautiful notecards and keep them neat and safe from getting bent and damaged in a drawer.

The Tiny Tag Co. Green scalloped notecards.

xo, Mia

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