Pre-Fall Finds

Last week was a big week in our house! Hubby began teaching his first course at his new assignment, our big girl started middle school, and I had the honor of a feature on the delightful UK-based One Design Club blog! I also finally committed to taking a last-minute summer trip (that I had been playing with the idea of doing since spring) for the girls to see their relatives in Ohio, which has both refreshed and inspired me, as trips normally do. Even though we still have a solid month left of the summer season – and I am most reluctant to let go of it – I can’t help but notice my shopping habits beginning to shift toward fall/winter prep mode.

The changing seasons always brings fresh inspiration for me. Even if it is a season I don’t particularly enjoy, I still am full of appreciation for the gorgeous textures, patterns, and rich earthy colors that mimic the changing leaves and I always take full advantage of new outfit opportunities. Already, retailers are breaking out the tweeds, knits, and winter-white denim and I thought, why not have a look? So, I did, and I found a surprising number of really cute fall items that I thought I’d share with you!

Already I can tell this is going to be the year brown makes a hard comeback, while perennial favorites such as navy, tan and camel hues, dusty pinks, and olive are still going strong; as are quilted styles and darker florals. Wide leg pants and jeans are on trend while the oversized frilly collar trend is here to stay through the end of the year at least, and I’m not mad about it! In fact, I am stalking this cardigan waiting for it to go on sale before selling out, fingers crossed. Click on the images below to shop your favorites!

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Pre-Fall Finds

Take one size larger in these!
I can’t wait to style these this fall! Fave fall purchase so far.

Is it starting to get cold where you live, or does your summer last until Halloween like it does here? Either way, cool weather is on the horizon and I hope this post has helped you get prepared for all things fall!

xo, Mia


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