Gingham Spotlight

It’s week two of August and I’m sure I’m not the only one not letting go of summer without a fight! School is back in session for us and… it’s depressing. We opted for public school this year after a very rough year of homeschool last year (two broken arms, honestly why) and I’m still praying that this was the right decision. Maybe I’ll cover this more extensively in a dedicated post but the gist of it is homeschool is amazing but not every child is suited for it.

While we’re savoring the last few weeks of pastels, light fabrics, and floaty silhouettes I felt it appropriate to celebrate one of my favorite fabric patterns; gingham. You can find gingham in nearly every design aesthetic from the most ostentatious display of prints and patterns found in cottage and English country influenced design, to modern and contemporary applications. Done in the right colorways, it can set the mood for spring, act as an elevated neutral in fall, and create a fun pop of interest against solids or aesthetically stimulating pattern-on-pattern display.

Gingham has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years and shows up in traditional dress and costume history all over the world from the most unexpected places in Africa and Indonesia to France, England, Italy, America, and Germany all claiming to have popularized it. Traditionally considered a stripe, gingham – when made in the traditional woven way instead of merely printed onto fabric – is durable and light which made it boom as a frugal sartorial favorite in the United States during the depression and WW2 years. Now a mainstay of Americana and European countryside charm, gingham is a beloved pattern that you can guarantee will always be in style.

I love the cheerful feeling I get from wearing gingham – it’s an instant mood boost, especially in my favorite pastel or neutral colorways. Below, I’ve gathered some of the prettiest trendy and classic gingham items I could find in stock right now for you to shop, including my favorite pieces and what’s on my watch list!

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Midi shift style shirt-dress.
Smocked bodice a-line silhouette.
Better than a hat, a visor, and it’s tied with a bow!
Versatile knee-length soft blue dress.
Short lounge set.
Dupe alert! Perfect spring and summer blazer.
On my wish list!!!
Prettiest green one piece.
Neutral feminine frills.
Dupe alert!! Wear with a belt, or not.
Gingham bow mules – click here for sizing guide.
Trend alert!! Big collars, embroidery, ruffles.
Trend alert!! Kick crop pants; work to weekend.
Can never have too many pocket umbrellas!

If you didn’t love gingham before, I’m sure this post has you convinced that it truly is such a wonderful print. Just wait until you begin mixing, contrasting, and layering this global favorite with things in your wardrobe!

xo, Mia

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