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Sarah Flint Luxury Shoes: The Perfect Block Heel Sandal Review


My honest review of the Sarah Flint “Perfect Block Heel Sandal.”

Last month, I was presented with the invitation to become a Sarah Flint brand ambassador. I was already familiar with the brand thanks to Meghan Markle’s affinity for them, as well as many of my own searches for affordable luxury shoes directing me to the Sarah Flint website. Similarly, it’s hard to find an ultra-stylish lady on social media who doesn’t have at least one pair of these elegant shoes! I had no doubt that this would be a great brand for me to work with, as our penchant for classic style, and dedication to luxury quality at a reasonable price are two of our mutual trademarks. With shoes made by hand by artisans in Italy (in the same factories that make Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Hermes) but without the designer price markup, and styles that are both innovative in comfort and practicality yet timeless in design, I was overjoyed to become an ambassador for Sarah Flint! I have wanted a pair of Natalie’s for years, but as we are in spring entering into summer, I opted for the perfect shoe for every occasion I have coming up in the next few months; the perfect block heel sandal.

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What I think of the perfect block heel sandal

In the past, I’ve got a lot of wear out of my budget block heel sandals and was excited to upgrade to a much better quality version of something I know I love, and will hold up to years of wear. I chose the 90mm heel height in gold nappa leather for its versatility as an occasion shoe or elevated casual shoe that can take on all types of terrain. I consider gold a summer neutral, and these really are a perfect neutral gold tone – not too yellow, not too silvery – so they can be worn with absolutely any color you choose. From the moment I slipped into these glamorous golden block heeled sandals, I knew these shoes had been made with me in mind. Well not me, personally, but women like me who don’t compromise style for comfort. We are willing to spend a few more pennies on timeless styles, thoughtful design details, and handmade artisan craftsmanship. One such detail that had me smitten from the start is the sleek slit that the ankle straps form between the heel cup. That symmetry and touch of tasteful design is probably my favorite stylistic detail that is completely unique to this shoe!

My first impression of the fit was that they run true to size, my normal size 8 (38) fit perfectly, and thanks to the wider toe-box, without any tightness or uncomfortable rubbing, and just about a millimeter or two of room to allow for unrestricted natural movement. The rubber outsole is a brilliant feature that many designers neglect to consider. I have a few pairs of luxury heels without this feature that double as ice skates if even a drop of water is present! Inside the shoe, my jaw literally dropped as I felt my toes settle in to the six millimeters of footbed padding, and my actual first thoughts were, “these really are comfortable!” I continued to wear them around the house while doing various activities, and it’s when I stood still that I could fully appreciate the innovative footbed padding and anatomical arch support and the comfort they provide.

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xo, Mia

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