Easter Outfit Ideas + How to Choose Coordinating Family Outfits

Easter falls on April 4th this year, and thanks to the time-change I am running behind on getting my family’s Easter outfits put together. I love getting dressed up for occasions, and Easter is one of the two days a year that I make my family do the same. I believe dressing up and looking polished is a display of respect, not just for yourself but for others as well. Easter, especially, is a day deserving of respect as it is the day we celebrate Jesus defeating Satan, and bearing the punishment of sin for all those who confess that Jesus is Lord and Savior that we may live for eternity with Him! That is not something to be taken lightly. It may sound corny or cliché but I love having us all wear coordinated outfits, and am sure to snap a photos of us dressed up to document that particular moment/year in our family’s history. There are very few pictures of us all together, and even fewer where we are dressed up and formally posed for a photo, but our yearly Easter/Christmas photos are some of my most treasured. If you haven’t made a formal family photo a yearly tradition, I want to encourage you to start now! You will never regret capturing your children at that precious age, or you and your husband in your youth – you will love looking back at these memories just as I do of our last nine years worth of photos together! If you need a little help on coordinating outfits, or are still searching for your Easter outfit, keep scrolling for my recommendations and tips for coordinating your family Easter outfits and what to buy if you’re still searching.

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What I’m currently planning

The color palette features coral orange, pink, and white with Lilly’s Liberty London floral dress adding contrast and dimension.

I have actually had my Easter shoes picked out since last month and wrote about them in this blog post. Not wanting to buy anything else (I’m gearing up for a no-shop month here soon) and having plenty to choose from in my own closet, it has taken me a little bit longer to settle on what I will be wearing. I love dresses the most, so that was a certainty but picking something to go with my shoes and be able to coordinate with what the rest of my family has in their closets was a bit of a challenge. The above image is what I’ve planned so far, and gives you an example of how I literally lay everything out (on the bed, or hanging overlapped on a door or rail) to see if it works or not. Below I give more detail on my method for picking our coordinated outfits and provide tips you can implement when choosing your family’s coordinated outfits.

Shop: My dress & Shoes | Nate’s shirt & pants | Layla’s dress & shoes | Lilly’s dress & shoes.

How to choose family coordinating outfits

If you already have an item you like and want to be worn for the occasion, start with it and build off of that. Pull colors from the pattern or print that you can match with items you have or know you can easily find, or choose a color palette that goes well with the garment if it’s a solid. With Lilly’s dress, I could have pulled blue, sage green, pink, orange, for example. I love mixing patterns, prints and solids, and will typically have one of us in a solid, a floral, and a stripe or gingham. I personally think a well coordinated, wide range of prints looks better in photos than say, everyone in jeans and a white button-down. In 2019 it was my husband’s beautiful gingham Vineyard Vines button-down that I built around. This year it’s Lilly’s Liberty London dress from this cute children’s retailer. Have fun with your colors and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, like I am doing this year. The only new thing I will be buying for my family’s Easter outfits is Layla’s dress, because she outgrows things within a season and typically doesn’t wear dresses so she has none in her closet. Plus, this gives me an excuse to buy something pretty for her! I ended up getting this dress after searching in vain for something in her size that was both age appropriate and classic. She can layer a denim jacket or cardigan over if it’s cold and can re-wear this dress all summer as it’s not too formal.

Easter dress suggestions for mom and girls

Loveshackfancy vibes for $46
Lilly has this in blue and it’s my favorite dress of hers! Less than $30!
Looks like designer, only $64!
For tweens – can be layered, belted, and worn all summer!
Mommy & Me – $115
Mini version only $54!
For the little girl who loves to dress up!
Looks like Dolce & Gabbana but a fraction of the cost!
Pulling from the yellow floral above – under $70 and so classic!
Stunning under $200!
Twin mini version – $68
Would be perfect with the little girls dress below! Only $115
Mommy & me style!
Great spring option – also goes with girls dress above! Under $150

Stores I like to shop for classic children’s clothing

The Beaufort Bonnet Company

Cecil & Lou


Bella Bliss


Janie & Jack

Vineyard Vines

Use these dress suggestions as starting points and build from there with items you may already have, or by ordering one of the beautiful recommendations above! Each of the stores listed above carries both boys and girls clothes and some carry matching mommy pieces, too. I’m looking forward to getting our outfits settled, and getting our pictures taken (in our new house this year) and sincerely hope you make a yearly family photo a tradition just as we have!

xo, Mia


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