My Best Designer Finds and How You Can Score Designer Items at Deep Discounts

Have you ever wondered how I am able to score designer items at low prices? I’m passing my tips and secrets along to you in this post!

Over the years I’ve collected a few really great designer pieces for my closet. Emphasis on the “over the years” part, because building a timeless wardrobe full of designer garments and accessories is absolutely something that does, and should take time, patience, and careful consideration. Knowing what your personal aesthetic is, what things you are looking for, and what styles are timeless in your wardrobe is important as it will give you an eagle eye when browsing the endless world of online retail, and reduce frivolity and buyers remorse. Similarly, once you do know what you’re looking for, be prepared to spend hours browsing and researching to find the best deal and the lowest price. Often times it’s sacrificing our modern desire for instant gratification, being patient and waiting for that promo code that can be combined with sale prices. One example is the Zimmermann ensemble below, I’ll see an item I like during a runway show or preseason, then six months to a year later I’m able to get it – at about 50-70% off though! So, yes, it is a time investment but one that you won’t regret – I certainly don’t!

Below, I’m sharing some of my designer – mostly mid-range but some luxury – finds that I scored at deep discounts, brand new, with tags still attached. I’m proud to say that with the exception of only a few of these items, I’ve been able to get everything for no less than 40% off of the original price. I’ve gradually learned a few good secrets to smart shopping such as where to shop, when to shop, what times of year things go on sale, and how to use coupons and promos to get the deepest discounts. To help you do the same (because I believe in investing in high-quality, stylish items that will last forever and stay in style for just as long, over trends and fast fashion) I’ve included some of my favorite designer sale finds, where I purchased them, AND I’m revealing exactly what I paid for each of these beloved items to give you an idea of the kind of reward patience, research, and knowing a few tricks can provide.

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