For Her: 2020 Gift Guide

The final installment of my 3-part 2020 gift guides is all about the women in your life: mom, mother-in-law, wife, sister, daughter; all of the adult ladies in your life. I saved this one for last, as it’s been the most difficult to narrow down. Instead of doing individual guides for different personality types, I wanted to include something for everyone in this ladies’ gift guide. As with each of my Christmas gift guides this year (see men’s, and kids’), my hope is that everyone will find at least one thing on this list for the lady in your life!

When I shop for gifts, I want to give something that will bring positivity and usefulness to her life. Always the practical shopper, I try to take cues from them to understand what they are needing or wanting that year but have yet to buy themselves, or consider a treat and wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, like a silk pillowcase, or luxurious pajamas. If you know her and her personal taste well enough, décor and fragrance gifts like these fabulous mistletoe candlesticks will make her smile every time she sets her table, or this Christmas scented candle to brighten up and bring cheer to her home. Shop these items and more below!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that for each purchase made using one of my links, I get a small commission from the retailer as a ‘thank you.’ This does not affect the price you pay, but allows me to continue bringing you great content! See the full disclosure here.

1.The Nap Dress – Ok, if my gift guide just consisted of this dress it would be complete. I purchased my first nap dress this year (the one in the graphic!) and LOVE love love it. The fabric is thick and soft, the plaid is full of color and just perfect for the holiday season, the silhouette and elegant details exude femininity; it is the perfect dress that’s sure to impress. This dress already has a cult following, and I understand why! Shop my personal discount code through this link for $20 off!

2. Clue – for the gamer (like yours truly) classic games like Clue that bring up all the nostalgia are sure to win you that big Christmas smile. Funny story, I always wanted this game but no matter how many years I asked “santa” for it, I never got it; still haven’t gotten it either! Haha

3. CT Lip kit – This has been my go-to lip color this year. It’s the perfect warm pinky-nude and I’ve seen it on so many different skin tones, all look amazing in it! It’s hard to gift lipsticks but this one seems to be universally flattering – you can’t go wrong with it!

4. Silk pillowcase – A gift that she can’t possibly not like, silk has many benefits such as anti-microbial, delicate on skin and hair, and this brand claims anti-aging properties! I personally just like silk things, and love adding some texture and shine to my bedding.

5. Mistletoe candlesticks – I wouldn’t normally advise décor gifts, but for the grandmillennial, gardener, or maximalist, these beautiful candlesticks would make the perfect addition to her tablescape!

6. Pearl necklace – For almost every gifting occasion over the last two years, my husband has bought me another personalized necklace from this British brand, and I wear them on a daily basis! I love this new single pearl drop necklace, as it can be worn with or without the disc charm for an entirely new look. Many of their pieces are perfect for layering, their price point is amazingly reasonable, and they’re gold plated, so they will hold up beautifully (mine have)!

7. Kitchenaid mixer – If your lady doesn’t already have this in her kitchen, this is the year to fix that problem! Not only beautiful, these mixers are useful for so many things – add attachments and expand their potential even more. I use mine weekly for everything from cookies, whipped cream, bread, and it can even process meat! I love this pink, blue, and green with mermaid bowl too!

8. Ornate photo frame – Another budget idea that means a lot to the recipient; stick a photo of you and her/her with her grandchildren/any other important or sentimental photo in this gorgeous frame, and have the tissues ready!

9. Onyx chess set – The nerd in me is really showing in this gift guide! If she loves chess as much as I do, surprise her with an upgraded set like this one.

10. Pima PJs – Another favorite with loyal cult following; these pajamas wash up beautifully, feel buttery soft, and are one of those “better version of something they already use” gifts that I talked about in my men’s gift guide. I have the shorts set in “hydrangea” and it is my most worn pair of PJs, as well as the pima robe and use it everyday! This Christmassy red set is next on my list!

11. Christmas candle – I’ve been using this brand all year and have come to love their clean bright scents and non-toxic coconut wax! This candle is part of their Christmas collection, but my current favorite that would work just as well for Christmas is the pumpkin scent! These beautiful jars look so glam lit up and add a beautiful dash of texture to the room’s décor.

12. Pearl bow earrings – Another gift that’s perfect for the grandmillenial or girly-girl in your life, and under $90! I also like these bow studs.

13. F&M snack hamper – Diamonds may have once been a girl’s best friend, but nowadays food is a girls best friend – make that artisanal, specialty foods! And in 2020 you could probably safely say that paper towels are a girl’s best friend too.

14. Quilted handbag – I’ve listed the bag that’s on my wish list but insert whatever bag she’s been asking for all year! After doing quite a bit of research, many agree that this Tory Burch is the second best thing, and closely resembling, the classic Chanel quilted flap bag, and I personally prefer the price point. After this year though, maybe just get her the Chanel!

15. Salted caramel – This one involves a little bit of work from you as I’m linking you to a food blog with a recipe for salted caramel, but echoing my earlier sentiment about food being a girl’s best friend, you can bump sweets up to soul-mate status! Minimal expense, maximum joy, homemade gifts (especially the edible kind) are sure winners.

16. Pink Yeti – And get the extra large size to satisfy all her Christmas coffee cravings! Another practical gift, I personally love carrying mine in the summer to keep my ice water nice and cold all day. I also love these white, and beige colors!

I had so much fun putting this gift guide together, and hope it helps you in your Christmas shopping this year! If you’re still in need of inspiration, this cookbook looks so interesting, and will be especially well suited for the Jane Austen lover or Anglophile in your life! The air fryer is booming in popularity this year, and I can attest that vegetables just taste better when cooked in it. Stocking stuffers like these scrunchies, these cozy merino socks, my personal favorite and very pretty pens, this portable UV sterilizer are useful, practical, and make great gifts! As always, let me know what you end up shopping in the ccomments below!

xo, Mia

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