Men’s 2020 Gift Guide

Ah, gift guide season is here! Which means Christmas is soon to follow, eek! This is the first in my series of gift guides aiming to help you and inspire you in your search for the perfect gift for everyone. I’m starting with men’s gifts because I really thought this would be the hardest guide to come up with ideas for, when in fact, after just pondering it for an hour or so, I ended up with a long list of potential winners! I’ve done my best to come up with a list containing something for everyone; whether the man in your life is a true outdoor man, connoisseur of style, or my hubby who always asks for socks for every occasion – you’re guaranteed to find something on this list that will make even the least excitable man crack a big smile on the big day!

My philosophy on Christmas shopping is buy practical: something they’ll use and treasure and hopefully remember you each time they use it! I’m not a trinket person. I dislike the idea of a gift I buy for someone becoming a dust collector, or worse, tossed in the trash. I aim to avoid this buy taking this special occasion as an opportunity to buy better versions of things they already use, or buy that item I know they’ve been needing for a while but can’t bring themselves to buy. For example, my hubby asks for socks – ok, I’ll get you socks, but they’ll be hand-woven and of Scottish cashmere! See? Practical, yet special enough befitting the occasion. This surefire trick has never done me wrong in the past, so many of the ideas on this list follow that same principle: buying a better version than the one he’ll buy himself. Similarly, getting monogramming, or personalized gifts are usually a nice touch, but don’t overdo it!

Without further ado, my men’s 2020 gift guide with shoppable links in the description below- happy gifting!

This post contains affiliate links. This means that when you make a purchase through my link, at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission as a ‘thank you’ from the retailer. This helps me continue bringing helpful and beautiful content to you! Find the full disclosure here.

Men’s 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

1. Leather monogrammed hygiene bag – For any man that travels, or even just to carry essential items to and from work, this beautiful handmade leather hygiene bag is lined with a nylon material and can be monogrammed too! I bought this exact item for Nate’s birthday and he loves it! Thankfully, he hasn’t needed it for travel, yet, but when he does it will perfectly carry all of his items (I bought the small size). The price is right and it’s made in Texas, USA.

2. Pima cotton PJ top & bottoms – The softest pajamas ever! If you’re looking to shop small, look no further. This USA based brand makes luxurious and affordable sleepwear and loungewear for the whole family. This is one of those “better than what they’d buy themselves” items that makes a perfect Christmas gift for the man who asks for nothing – or socks. If you ever have the chance to shop in person at their Charleston, or Atlanta stores, do it! Such a lovely experience.

3. Barbour card holder – Practical and beautiful, this RFID card holder from Scottish brand Barbour will protect his cards, carry a little cash, and fit comfortably in any pocket.

4. Festive mug – For the person who drinks…anything really! A festive, monogrammed mug with their initial in beautiful plaid is sure to benefit them and create a lovely addition to their mug cabinet – after all, you never can have too many mugs!

5. Barbour wax jacket – After receiving my first Barbour jacket a few years ago for my birthday I am a big fan of their quality, warmth, practicality, style, and comfort – phew! So many good things to say, and honestly, I love this jacket more every time I wear it. While I opted for the polarquilt style, the weatherproof wax jacket with extra deep pockets is their classic staple piece. I love the beautiful plaid lining, and am particularly fond of colorful Barbour jackets; I highly recommend this olive color! This particular one comes with the option to zip-in a fleece purchased separately.

6. Clean shaving cream – This year more than in the past I’ve seen more and more people hopping on the ‘clean beauty’ bandwagon. This is a very good thing, as beauty products are traditionally loaded with dangerous chemicals for various reasons. Beautycounter is one of the pioneering companies of the clean beauty movement, and this shaving cream (as well as other items from their men’s line) would make the perfect Christmas gift and introduce your man to better hygiene brands!

7. City puzzle – Hubby received an Ohio State Dowdle puzzle for Christmas last year and it’s been something that we all enjoy together! I love the vibrant colors and challenging scenes – they make for the perfect bookshelf display, as well as rainy day activity.

8. Car wash/detail gift certificate – I don’t know one person who wouldn’t love to pass off the job of washing and detailing their vehicle to a professional. Perhaps my own dad, who does this as a relaxing weekend activity. ; slight digression. I recommend doing a local search and comparing reviews for professional auto detailers, then ordering the service (or buying a gift voucher if possible) as a surprise for the man in your life.

9. Retro bluetooth/radio – Stylish, practical, ambient; this retro bluetooth & AM/FM radio is perfect for the man who loves his music/radio/podcasts, etc.

10. Dehydrator – For the outdoor man, the home chef, and the man who just loves dried food, get him this! Make beef jerkey, fruit rolls, potpourri…? Ya, maybe not that last one. Either way, you’re guaranteed a few new homemade treats with this cool gadget!

11. Organic summer sausage – I bought a few of these last year for hubby and my dad after reading the frightening list of toxic, harmful ingredients used in other popular Christmas sausage gift boxes (ahem, Hickory Farms). They both LOVED it, and I loved that it’s a healthier, safer, organic replacement for their former favorite gift. This sausage has just SIX ingredients! That’s exactly how it should be.

12. Pressure washer – Don’t underestimate the joy of “adulting” items, like this pressure washer! This year more than most, people have been putting more time and effort into doing up their homes and gardens. A pressure washer is the perfect, relatively inexpensive, home improvement gift that, lets be honest, is pretty satisfying to use! Wash vehicles, houses, ground, and all sorts of stuck on messes easily and thoroughly.

If you buy any of the items off my gift guides, as always, please feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you got!

xo, Mia

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