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If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it; this sensible girl takes this approach to many things in life, including fashion. I’m not at all the kind of girl who has to have the newest item before it even comes out. That to me is a vain and foolish pursuit. Instead, I always gravitate towards the classic pieces I know I will get tons of wear out of, and will hold up. Thankfully, this doesn’t always mean forking out the cash for an investment piece, or something with a designer label. Rather, finding nice quality items in styles that fit my personal preferences, colors I love, and materials that make me want to reach for them again and again.

This outfit is a perfect example of that. Designer dupe sunglasses that cost less than $20 that I’m neither afraid to wear, nor worried about replacing. A silk camisole from a British label that I got on sale, and will be getting tons of use this winter when I need a warm yet light base layer. Personalized gold plated sterling silver jewelry that is meant to be worn, won’t break the bank, looks stunning, and carries sentimental value. USA made denim that’s both comfortable and flattering. Mid-range designer genuine leather flats that I got on sale post-season for less than $100. A light-weight cotton cardigan in a timeless style and season-less color to keep me warm me through the years.

I can’t tell you how many times in the last few months I’ve worn these same pieces of jewelry – I just love the way they look and feel! I’ve acquired these necklaces over the last few holidays and birthdays, and the earrings I added to my trove over the summer. They’re dainty, so they won’t constantly be in the way, or weigh me down; they’re elegant enough to wear to church, and simple enough to wear just to lounge about.

Shop my outfit: Sunglasses (designer version) | Earrings | Star necklace | Disc necklace |
Cardigan (old, similar here, here) | Silk camisole | Jeans | Ballet flats (linked new version), similar here.

The cardigan I found on sale a year ago to replace a similar one I had for almost a decade, so for $30 I’ll have this piece for another near decade! You’ve already seen my opinion on these jeans but honestly, they just keep getting better the more I wear them. The color is perfect – not too light, not too dark – for fall and winter, and they tuck into boots without any bulk or bunching. The rise is perfect and they look so good with everything I’ve tried them with from tucked sweaters, blazers, ruffled blouses, and even heels and sneakers!

A true embodiment of the other half of my style personality; when I’m not in a long flowing dress or sparkly pumps, it’s elevated basics all day! Comfy, practical, cozy, timeless. What’s not to love?

xo, Mia

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