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Home Again & How I’m Approaching the Future


Vacation photo diary, realizations, and a refocusing to what’s really important.

We’re back in Maryland after a wonderful 8 day vacation to my hometown in Ohio. It’s been 11 months since our last vacation and the girls and I were seriously in need of a change of scenery! My in-laws hosted us and made our stay so pleasant and fun; evenings on the patio, grandma teaching the girls how to garden, and frequent visits from the neighbor’s English golden-doodle, Beau. Those 8 days went by way too fast! The trip was intended for the girls to get to do all the outdoor things we can’t do here because of heat and ticks, but it ended up being just as hot there, so our plans were altered a little. We did however, get to see the grandparents, great-grandparents, and many family friends, which was the biggest thing I wanted to achieve during this trip, as relationships are the most important thing we have. This is especially evident after these last few months and seeing how insecure we really are in our jobs, living situations, financial status’; quality relationships still remain!

This post was going to be a recap of everything we did on vacation; how we ate ice cream after every meal, and the girls got to stay up late for once, all the furry friends we were delighted to meet, and how Lilly had her first classic car ride and LOVED it. However, the most important aspect of this trip was getting to spend time with family and friends. The last few months have really shaken up my ideals and plans for the future – however much of that lies ahead. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve abandoned my previous plans to put my little one in daycare in pursuit of a high-paying job that will allow me to live the “American dream” like “everyone else.” Those things that once held my fascination, that I was determined to achieve have completely left me. The desire to be successful by this world’s standards no longer interests me, praise God.

I came across a quote that put my feelings into concise words: “I do not believe making money in order to consume goods is mankind’s sole purpose on this planet.” Look at social media, the media and TV shows and movies and it would seem the opposite is true, it’s what we’ve been conditioned by Hollyweird to believe. Who is it that’s glorified and made out to seem like they have the most enviable life? Wealthy people who sit in perfectly stylized homes, posing in their designer attire, telling you you too can have all that if you buy from their company, shop their links, etc. What a fraud. What a joke. What a meaningless thing to go after. It will never fulfill you.

As I sat with some of my grandparents and family friends, my heart sank for just how much they’ve changed in the 3 years since I last saw them. I’ve aged a lot since seeing them too, and they gray hairs that seem to multiply each time I go to sleep are proof of that reality. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, rather the fact that I’ve prioritized the wrong things – a big salary, a career, fancy houses, designer things – over devoting time to the people who value you me, and vice versa, is what’s wrong. Relationships with family members and friends truly are the most important thing in this world – despite what you see on TV and social media – so devote time to the people you love, show them with your actions that they are valuable to you, and that you appreciate them; that their life is important to you. Because there is truly nothing more important than the people you hold dear.

For a shutterbug, I ended nearly every day regretting that I didn’t take enough photos, and I really didn’t take that many. We were so busy relaxing, enjoying company, eating ice cream and living without a care for what’s going on in the world around us, that photos took a back seat to everything else. I did manage to get a few really good snaps that will probably make their way into pretty frames and under the Christmas tree later this year, as well as some outfit shots, because there is a good number of you who also enjoy fashion here!

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xo, Mia

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