Updating My Storage & Organization Solutions

Recent storage purchases that have helped me keep my home organized.

I am a neat-freak; I will pull out the vacuum and sweep the whole house on account of a few crumbs in one spot. I frequently repeat, “there is a place for everything, and everything should be in its place when not in use.” Aside from the practicalities of keeping my home organized, I also love looking around and seeing things in their specified place, leaving plenty of clear space to enjoy life. I actually will become anxious if there are too many messes around, and even will avoid shopping at certain stores that are cluttered and disorganized (hello, Macy’s)! That’s all to say that I actually enjoy organizing, I find it relaxing and highly rewarding! It’s no wonder then that purchases like storage bins and lazy Susan’s make me as happy as a kid on Christmas.

Spending 3 months in lock-down opened up the time to asses areas of my home that needed improvement, and figure out which storage solutions would be best for achieving my desired level of organization and order. Not just any old plastic bin will do, in my opinion! It must be just as stylish, as it is practical and functional (much like in my wardrobe). Below, I’ve linked a few of the products I’ve bought, along with photos of how I’ve used them, that have helped me keep my home organized.

This post contains affiliate links, read the full disclosure here. Thank you for your support!

Kids’ storage

This has got to be my favorite storage solution yet. How cute is this giant Lego brick box?! It looks small but actually fits a ton of Legos. I’ve ordered another one to store their Magformers, too!

Kitchen Storage

I’ve neglected my spice cabinet for too long, which has drove me nuts every time I open the cabinet door! I finally purchased this turntable, which doesn’t fit all of my spices but given the limited vertical space I have to work with, it makes a massive difference! I can’t tell you what a relief it is to find all my favorite and most used spices in seconds flat with just a spin of this table – as opposed to pulling everything out and putting it back again. This works for anything stored on a higher shelf, not just spices. I got the 9″ size.

I’ve actually used these cannisters for a few years but finally got another of these huge ones for cereal, so that now both girls have their own for their respective – and different flavored – nearly identical cereal, ha!

Shelves & Misc. Storage

I’m a big fan of natural materials. Gold, linen, cotton, and natural woven baskets are my favorite materials to use in my home, just as in my wardrobe. These water hyacinth storage bins are not only functional for holding lots of miscellaneous goods, but also look chic nestled in a bookshelf, under a console table, or lined up on a laundry room shelf. Natural materials provide a grounding, calming effect in the home, so it’s worth having a few pieces like this!

It’s amazing what a big difference a few storage updates can do for the home. Having everything in it’s place and a place for every thing makes the home a refreshing, relaxing retreat. If you haven’t updated your storage and organization for a while, check out a few of these pieces, and let me know if this inspires you!

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