The Best Straw Bags to Add to Your Collection

My favorite straw bags, and a few on my wish list.

I briefly introduced my newest addition to my straw bag collection in this post a few weeks ago, but really feel this accessory deserves it’s own post! I mean, straw bags are to summer as florals are to spring, chunky knits are to winter, and scarves are to autumn. It’s an essential piece!

Straw bags are fantastic for dressing down an outfit for a summer soiree, adding a touch of texture, and playing up the seasonality of your ensemble. Personally, my favorite way to style a straw bag is with shorts and a tee to elevate an outfit that’s otherwise rather plain.

I’m featuring a few of the basket bags I own, love, and use frequently, plus a few on my wish list. Use this post as a guide for styling your straw bags, adding to your collection, or starting your straw bag collection! Click on any image to shop.

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Pearl detail bucket bag

Next to my Provence market tote, my little pearl straw bag is my most used. The pearl detail and pretty pink handle elevate every outfit and encapsulate the essence of my personal style; laid-back and practical, yet undeniably feminine, classic, and sweet. I’ve worn it dressed up for church (as seen here), strawberry picking (as seen here), and have had many grand plans of pairing it with other dresses and easy summer outfits for brunches, shopping and all the things we’ve missed out on these last three months! It has a strong magnetic snap that converts this cylindrical bag into what you see in the photo above to keep valuables safe. The interior is fully lined and there is a pocket as well. I highly recommend this bag and it comes in a few colors, most of which are currently on sale!

Provence Market tote

First seen on my blog in this post, I’ve been looking for my perfect version of this Provencal mainstay for a few summers now. One thing you should know about me, I don’t just buy whatever I see and like. Each purchase is meticulously researched and given extensive thought and planning. A little extreme by some standards, I’m sure, but there’s a good reason for it – one I’ll get into in another post! That being said, I finally pulled the trigger on this bag. This is such a classic style, therefore there are hundreds of designs with only the slightest variations, but across the board they generally look like this – super minimalist, no lining, no pockets, no fancy closures, etc. For a bag as simplistic as this, you’d be surprised to know some fetch a high price. In fact, before finding mine (which is handmade), I almost settled for an identical one for over $70! This one – which is the perfect size that it doesn’t overwhelm me, yet fits absolutely everything including the kitchen sink, and has chic leather handles.

Rattan basket bag with Madras lining

To say that I am obsessed with this brand would be an understatement. Exquisite quality and craftsmanship, an abundance of classic style, and unique, trend-setting designs are a few adjectives I’d use to describe this small business. This is one of those brands that I’m forever grateful to Instagram for introducing me to. Upon purchasing my first (the pearl bag), I promptly placed a second order for this beautiful bag. Both are from previous seasons, so they are considerably marked down – so much so that it almost feels like stealing! Just kidding, but really. The attention to detail in their construction is such that these bags will survive long enough to be passed down as heirlooms.

Shop My Wish List

For dinners, dates, weddings, and all the fun summer happenings – love the pink, but especially love the tan.

Bejeweled straw bags are the trend I don’t think any of us knew we needed, but here we are! I love the shape of this bag – functional and attractive – and the chic gold knot handles. Even though it is jewel encrusted, the neutral color palette will make this your most surprisingly versatile summer bag!

This bag has been at the top of my wish list since early this year. It comes in an array of colors and sizes but I love this size and beautifully unique green color!

I’m very much a creature of habit. When I find something awesome that ticks every box for me, I stick with it, and buy one in every color and style. Obsessing over this tan color, also comes in my pink too, and on sale!

I’ve saved the best for last – the dream wicker bag! I’ve loved this design for the past few seasons, and someday I’ll have one! For now I’ll just appreciate it from afar!

If you haven’t already invested in a good straw bag for your summer wardrobe, might I encourage you to finally add-to-cart! My summer outfits, no matter how casual, always feel exponentially more intentional with a fun accessory like these straw bags. Investing in a high-quality piece, such as these, will ensure your belongings are safe inside, and that you will get many summers’ use out of your newest favorite summer accessory.

xo, Mia

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