An Outfit For Wherever Summer Takes You

A chic and easy outfit for summer vacations, or at home.

My favorite thing about June is the feeling of endless possibility. The whole summer awaits and is ripe for planning and savoring. Much like Mondays, June provides a fresh beginning.

While this summer may have fewer trips abroad for everyone, that doesn’t mean it’s a bust. Quite the contrary! This is the summer of creativity, appreciation, and simplicity. Of scaling back our ambitions and expectations; of seeking out and reveling in simple pleasures. Making the time – now that we have the time – to do the things we’ve wanted to, but have been too busy for, or too far away for in previous summers. Think of it as a clean slate. You may not be jetting off to an exotic destination but to some of us our own city, or state has gone unexplored for so long that it might as well be an exotic destination!

So, here we are in June. The beginning of summer, and a fresh start following a long and confusing spring. Much like this travel-ready outfit, I urge you to keep it simple this summer. No matter what is trending, simple things – the classics – never go out of style.

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The Outfit

I found this dress a few months back while knee-deep in my “affordable linen dress” search. Guys, they’re hard to come by! Good linen, which is silky soft, antibacterial, and lasts forever, definitely costs a pretty penny. For my purposes I really wanted something inexpensive, yet classic and of at least decent quality and construction. Well, this H&M dress ticks a few of those boxes, most importantly on price!

Would you believe this dress is less than $30? I can’t. Particularly because I tried this on at the same time as a $700 dress that I got on markdown by a highly coveted designer, and felt that the quality of that one was on par with the quality of this one. I don’t think I have to tell you which one I sent back!

My favorite thing about this dress; aside from the functional buttons through the front and timeless silhouette, is that it’s made of natural materials. To be very specific, 55% linen, 45% cotton with a cotton lining. I’ve already worn this on a 90 degree day and can tell you, it breathes and keeps you cool just as well as any similar dress for double or triple the price tag! I know white seems risky to some, but with the right under garments, this dress is perfectly opaque. My one qualm, no pockets. You know how much I like my dresses to have pockets!

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Enter the bag. Aside from the temperatures themselves, nothing says summer is here like bringing out the straw bags! I absolutely love this Provencal market tote. This style has literally been around for a hundred years (but probably more) and isn’t going anywhere. It’s cute, is it not?! But best of all, it’s practical. I see myself carrying this on the beach, through the city, and have been carrying it around my own suburb for everything from carrying spare shoes, to kids activities. For valuables, I use a zip bag like this, or a purse organizer like this to keep them safe from falling out or getting damaged.

Last but not least are these chic tie-ankle sandals. I’ve fallen in love with this brand for sandals this year and have already bought a few pair as they’ve gone on sale. Let me tell you, nothing beats how comfortable, yet utterly chic they are! They’re crafted in Brazil of gorgeous tan leather, and have just enough padding to give the right amount of squish. Some reviews say size up, but they’re designed to be “naked” sandals, so definitely take your normal size!

What do you think, dear readers?

xo, Mia

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