Fresh Strawberries

Photo diary, what I wore & one small change to my blog moving forward.

Yesterday my family got a break from our house and neighborhood, and headed out to a local farm to pick some fresh strawberries. It was just what we needed. This is the second opportunity we’ve had in the last two months to get out into nature, and I’ve never felt more refreshed and relaxed being surrounded by plants as I have on these occasions.

We headed over to Schlagel Farms, which is where we go for nearly all our pick-your-own fun. It’s a lovely farm run by the Schlagel family, who are wonderful hosts and always so kind; I recommend this farm to anyone in the DC metro area for each season’s activities. This time we were after strawberries, but will be back next month for blackberries just as sweet and delicious!

After 10 weeks of being stuck inside with no real reason to dress up, I decided to go all out for this, our first real outing, and wear this sweet pink and white ensemble. The skirt, boots, hat and jewelry are old from last year, and the gingham blouse and pearl and straw bag are new from pre-isolation. I had so many visions of what spring would look like wearing and carrying these items, but sadly, most – such as seeing the cherry blossoms – never came to fruition.

Shop my outfit: Hat | Top (Polo outlet) | Pearl bracelet | Watch (old) similar color here, and here|
Skirt (old) similar here, here, here | Bag (on sale!)|
Boots (I’m wearing the short height but they are sold out)

During isolation I had plenty of time to figure out exactly what I want from my blog, and what direction I want to take it in, and have been planning a few different types on content. For now, one of the most important things I’ve wanted to change about my blog is to include more images of my girls. I am a mama bear through and through, and have always been very protective over images of them being shared online. You just never know who is able to see your photos and that’s always been at the forefront of my mind, and influencing my desire to protect them in this online space. However, I realized so many parents share (you could even say over-share in some cases) photos of their children online anymore that sharing them on my blog would probably be alright. After all, I did start this blog as an online diary and I can say with all certainty that if I were to leave my girls off my blog for fear of what probably isn’t going to happen, that I would one day seriously regret it when I look back and only get glimpses of backs of heads, or far off shots. I hope you enjoy this small change as much as I will!

As for the strawberries, I have big plans to make my first ever strawberry crisp (think apple crisp, but with strawberries!), and do lots of snacking on these delicious, vitamin C rich gems!

xo, Mia

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