A post dedicated to my sweet ten-year-old girl.

Today my big girl turns 10. Ten years old – an entire decade under her belt! I can hardly believe this day has come, but so incredibly grateful it has.
She truly is the sweetest girl. Regardless of what’s going on around her, she always seeks to bring silliness and laughter to the place.
She has the most tender heart; towards her little sister, towards others, towards animals, and towards the world as a whole.
She loves flippy sequins, galaxy prints, hair accessories, and designing her own ‘jewelry’ to wear.
She is an artist and loves to create – I’d say paper is definitely her favorite medium!
She is decisive and sure; knows who she is – a gift, a treasure.
She is a peace-loving, God-fearing girl.
She is beautiful, she is wonderful.
She is 10, a decade!


  1. I love the little short blog you wrote of your daughter that is such a blessing and a sweetest loving heart I ever seen or ever read

    1. Aw, well thank you so much!

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