Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Great gift ideas for boys of all ages.

Being a mother of daughters, buying gifts for boys is a bit out of my realm of understanding. So I turned to a few sources of inspiration; my brother, my husband, my own childhood growing up with a brother, and my girls’ toy box. Bear with me, as I thought about it a lot of my girls’ toys would be just as appealing to a boy – such as a marble run, toy cars and a track to drive them on, books about curious little monkeys. I soon had a ton of ideas for Christmas gifts for boys that don’t include technology and I think you’re going to like what I’ve come up with!

Each gift here encourages learning, bonding, or building some skill or another! Enjoy!

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Curious George collection – This iconic little monkey makes an appearance at nearly every story time in my house and this book is full of cute stories for little ones to enjoy! Boys can relate to silly, sometimes messy George and will love the uncluttered illustrations!

Toy vacuum – Kids love to help – up until a certain age! Make the most of this fleeting moment in time by getting them their own vacuum, so that they’re not hanging on yours asking when it will be their turn while you’re trying to get things done! Sincerely, The Voice of Experience.

Star Wars LEGO set – LEGO! Star Wars! What more is there to say? Of course if your young adventurer prefers, there is also a sweet Minecraft set, and lets not forget about your budding architect with this statuesque Lady.

Marble run – Building, cause and effect, and teamwork. This timeless toy is great for most ages from 5+ but definitely supervise around younger kids!

Car track – So, growing up my younger brother had one of these and I am not ashamed to admit I used to love playing “car town” with my siblings! I recall we would be lost in our little world for hours just driving little Hot Wheels cars around and around; there’s something meditative about it, I swear! Don’t forget a fresh set of cars for his new track!

Rush Hour – My brother (ya, referencing my bro a lot for this post 😜) actually got Layla this game as a gift a few Christmases ago. Still to this day, Nate, Layla, and I will take turns completing different challenges. There are 40 levels of difficulty and honestly, they’re pretty tricky! Brother said he played this game in first grade but I would recommend it for ages 6-18 ’cause it’s awesome and you’re never to old or too “cool” for a truly awesome logic game.

London bus – A sturdy, wooden bus modeled after those that exist in my favorite city on Earth. Literally endless possibilities for this rectangle on wheels.

Nativity set – This adorable set includes everything pictured and is a wonderful, age appropriate way to teach toddlers and young children about the reason behind the Christmas season!

Favorite team jersey – For your sports lover. Match with dad in your favorite player’s jersey or start a lifelong rivalry by not matching with dad.

Drone – It’s all fun and games until the baby thinks it’s some kind of demon bat and it ends up hidden away in a cupboard, nearly forgotten until last week. Err, at least that’s what became of our drone. Geared towards the older boys in your life, this mini remote-controlled drone is the perfect balance between good clean fun and mischief. Does the fascination with remote controlled toys ever leave a man? *looks over at husband playing xbox* no.

Harry Potter box set – “Vintage” books from “way back when” mom and dad were young. Don’t get me wrong, HP is definitely still riding the wave of popularity. And hey, splurge on the hardcovers – it’s Christmas after all!

Happy shopping!

xo, Mia

2 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

  1. Well my boys have most of these items! But I might have to look at that rush hour game! And they’re a little young for a drone but we did get remote control cars for them this year.

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