Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

Gift ideas for girls from the baby stage through pre-teen years.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – where everyone makes a conscious effort to come together, consider one another above themselves, and spread joy and love even in the smallest of ways! I just love Christmas time for so many reasons, but some of my fondest memories of Christmas were of waking up and coming downstairs to be greeted by a glistening tree surrounded by a small mountain of gifts for the whole family.

To this day, one of my favorite sights is the look of my own Christmas tree surrounded by gifts for my girls from family members, reminding them that though we live far away, they’re still loved, remembered and cared for.

This will be the first guide of a few devoted to hopefully inspiring you with a few gift ideas for the whole family!

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For the girls

From top left:
Wooden shopping cart – For little ones who love imaginative play – aka, every child ever – this sweet shopping cart will provide countless hours of fun! Take it from me, our girls love their toy shopping cart and use it from everything to transporting toys around the house, to seeing how fast they can run while pushing it and smashing into me or their dad with it… no big deal! The perfect accompaniment to a toy kitchen, if I do say so!

Charm bracelet – Forget diamonds, interchangeable charms are a girl’s best friend! What’s more exciting for a young lady than versatile accessories that can be changed to fit her mood?!

Magformers – We bought our big girl her first set of Magformers a few years ago, and went with the smallest size to get our feet wet. Definitely not enough to really let her imagination and building skills run wild. I highly recommend getting a larger set such as this one, and how beautiful is this colorway?! Since then, our little one has joined in the fun and loves when we build a little house for her to smash!

Frozen Lego castle – STEM skills and imaginative play galore! LEGOs are a classic toy that even dad wants to play with, and will take over if you don’t remind him that your daughter needs to be the one building it. True story. With simple pictorial instructions, these are great toys for growing brains, maybe keep it out of the toddler’s reach!

Rainbow stacker – For creative little hands that love to explore and experiment. This adorable little rainbow stacking block toy (also comes in primary colors here) will help teach color identification, cause and effect, creative play and so many other skills. Bonus – it also looks great on the shelf when not in use!

LOL! Surprise – Classic fun. My girls love peeling back all the layers and watching little pieces pop out of this little surprise ball. This one is a winter disco sparkle wonder…something…and looks like the perfect addition to your big girl’s growing LOL! doll collection!

Wooden ice cream & treats trolley – Pretty enough to stand as a piece of decor, this beautiful wooden trolley lets kids imagine they are the proud owner of an ice cream stand, or anything they can think of, really! It’s amazing to watch kids toddle up to something and just make up a whole game around it – and I can see this, especially, breeding all sorts of creative play!

Dollhouse – Because every little girls needs a dollhouse and this one is just so cute! Girls love cute things.

Play kitchen – Ok, how chic is this little kitchen with it’s subtle gray paint and modern gold fixtures?! I may be a bit biased though, this is the exact kitchen my mom gifted my daughters for Christmas last year (also in the photo I took for this post)! It looks darn near an exact dupe of the PB kitchen everyone went nuts over last year, but at a third of the price. The construction is sturdy and my girls play with this kitchen, literally, everyday – #winning at Christmas!

Activity cube – For the tiny ladies with busy little hands. Activity cubes are great for babies all the way through the toddler years as they discover new things they hadn’t before.

Timelines of Everything book – For the little lady who loves learning. How fun is this book?! I am getting this for my 9 year old, as everyday she has a new question about something and this book of, well, everything, is the perfect thing to keep her active, sponge-like mind busy and entertained.

Multi-color dress – As a kid, I always liked getting a special outfit for Christmas. My girls also love getting new clothes on Christmas and this dress has my youngest’s name written all over it! I love gifting a fun outfit that maybe isn’t as practical but is definitely fun and cute for my girls to open up on Christmas, even if it will be a few months before they can wear it out. To make it extra special, complete it with a matching headband and elegant pair of shoes!

Click on the images below to shop a few other things we have/ are getting the girls for Christmas that are both educational and fun for various ages:

Let me know in the comments what you end up getting!

Update: After sharing the personalized ornaments I bought the girls on Instagram stories, I was flooded with messages asking for the link: here is the link to the ornaments!

xo, Mia

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