Lazy Day Essentials

More than any other time during the year, fall and winter always inspire me to slip into the coziest outfit and lounge about. Everyone needs a lazy day where they just take it easy, and there’s nothing wrong with that! I say add a little style to your lazy day essentials. Here are a few things that I use to get that much more cozy at home!

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  1. Pumpkin Dolce candle – Candles are a year ’round necessity for making a house feel more like home. My favorite scents change with the seasons and during fall and winter notes of vanilla, spice, warm sugar cookies and citrus undertones are my go-to’s for making my home feel festive and inviting! I particularly love this Pumpkin Dolce scented candle in the decorative gold glitter jar.
  2. Cozy long cardigan – Soft as a blanket, warm as a hug. I’m a big fan of this brand and their lounge wear and throw blankets! This cardigan in a soft silver hue is perfect to throw on for a lazy day at home, or when out running errands on a chilly fall day! I have and really like this one and also like this one.
  3. Cozy sweat pants – One way to still feel and look put-together even on lazy days is by wearing a matching lounge set, as opposed to just throwing on whatever! As someone who has to “look good to feel good” I’m always hunting for matching lounge sets! These sweat pants are the same silvery hue as the long cardigan above and are also super soft and cozy. These are also super cute and so are these culottes!
  4. Plush blanket – This blanket is amazing! I snagged it for 30% off during the Anniversary sale in July and feel pretty confident that it will also go on sale around Christmas time as well! So, so plush and soft – just as the name implies – this beautiful throw comes in 14 colors and looks just as great draped over a chair or end of the bed as it feels wrapped around you! I also love this beautiful print, and this knit with the cute poms!
  5. High-quality candle – One of my triggers for migraines is cheap fragrances. Once I figured this out, I avoided the pungent, brightly colored store in the mall and invested a little more in a candle that doesn’t trigger a migraine. The added bonus of buying high-quality candles is that they completely fill a room with delightful fragrance so much better than their cheaper alternatives. I will always save up and splurge or wait till a sale to get my favorite brands (two of which are mentioned in this post!) rather than just drop a few bucks on a disappointing candle. I also love this scent, and this one from another long-time favorite brand!
  6. UGG slippers – Ok, this is basically on this list twice but it’s because I truly love UGG slide-on slippers! We have hardwood floors, which means wearing socks is actually a safety hazard LOL! I love being able to pop in and out of these slippers in a moment as I need to. They’re also super cushy and warm – perfect for the coldest winter mornings in the bus drop-off line! These come in 9 different colors but my favorite is the classic tan!
  7. Shearling slippers – A slightly less bulky version of the classic Ugg slide slipper, these shearling slippers come in 3 colors and have a driver sole to prevent the aforementioned slipping and sliding. Picture yourself kicking off your winter boots and sliding into these little heavenly clouds after a long day – bliss! Also comes as a loafer.
  8. Knit blanket – Functional and beautiful, a giant knit blanket should be on everyone’s bed or couch come winter! I have a bit of an obsession with cream colors, as I feel the lighter shades help lift my mood during dark and cold winters and I don’t think I’m alone in that thought! This particular blanket is made with 22% wool which will keep you plenty warm in the winter! If you have a wool sensitivity like me, simply layer this over your comforter or duvet for a super cozy, ski lodge-chic look!

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My last bit of advice, bookmark this post and refer back to it in January when the days are short but the month is long, to help you find a little style and comfort to get you through!

xo, Mia


    1. Thank you! It totally has me in the mood for a rainy day😊

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