Styling White Denim After Labor Day + Stunning Statement Earrings

Fashion rules are ever-changing. From sumptuary laws that prohibited certain members of society wearing specific colors and materials, to the societal shift in favor of women being allowed to wear bi-bifurcated skirts, aka trousers. Perhaps no bigger controversy still exists, however, than that surrounding wearing white after Labor Day.

Old fashioned rules dictated that once Labor Day rolled around (the first weekend in September), summer was officially over, as too was the season for wearing white.

I’ve heard that packing away white garms after Labor day was one way the wealthy elite distinguished themselves from working class people (reference here). Whereas a more practical reason was that white clothing was lighter weight and less sun-absorbing than darker colors and was worn to help keep slightly cooler in blistering temperatures before air conditioning.

Whatever the reason, it’s become more common to see people donning their favorite white boots, jeans, jackets, and faux fur coats after Labor day. I personally find that come January I need the clean slate that white provides after all the glitz, shimmer and rich tones and materials throughout Christmas.

For now, I’ve styled these jeans with textures and fabrics that indicate a change in the weather; a cozy wool-blend sweater, black suede half d’orsay pumps and a black velvet belt. In keeping with my neutral theme but not to be too matchy-matchy, I’ve opted for a taupe crossbody handbag.

Pairing flannel plaids, billowy sweaters, cable-knits, and layering turtlenecks, jackets and long cardigans are also great ways to wear white into winter, while also drawing that seasonal distinction. It’s all about the fabric choice here.

Now, let’s talk about these earrings for a minute. Oh my goodness – how cute?! Bejeweled grosgrain ribbon shaped into a bow (my favorite!) and mounted on a black velvet finding. I can see these perfectly complimenting any and every ensemble from now till New Years’ Eve!

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Which side of the “white after Labor day” argument are you on?

xo, Mia


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  2. I LOVE the way you styled these pants! I’ve always been afraid of wearing white pants but these look so good. 😭🙌🏾

    1. It definitely requires more care and mindfulness but white pants are such a great base to really have fun with tops or layers, and of course, monochrome with white always looks chic! Thank you so much for reading❤

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